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Chicago Auto Show: Kia’s Superman-themed Optima Hybrid is corny for a good cause

Kia Optima Hybrid SupermanWhat you see here is Kia’s sixth superhero-themed car since early October, when Kia brought out a Batman Optima and followed it up a few weeks later with four more cars dedicated to DC comic heroes. The latest is an Optima Hybrid decked out in Superman’s iconic color scheme and adorned in Superman logos inside and out. This is all, of course, terribly silly, but that’s OK  because it’s for a good cause. Kia is helping DC publicize its charity We Can Be Heroes, which has been setup to help fight hunger in the Horn of Africa, a region where such help continues to be needed.

Kia Optima Hybrid Superman

Car & Driver reports that the car was unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show, and one does have to admit that it draws the attention. The car is the result of a collaboration between Kia, DC and Super Street magazine. It has widened fenders and an adjustable suspension setup, in addition to all of the many cosmetic modifications you see. This is a very good and deserving cause, but it is difficult to ignore the fact that the car really is pretty absurd. It’s sort of what you’d imagine Jerry Seinfeld driving if he had been a character in The Fast and the Furious. We’re not sure if there will be any more superhero cars, although there is certainly no shortage of characters in the DC universe. Starting with Batman and ending with Superman does seem to make sense, but a Captain Atom hydrogen-powered car would be a good way to get publicity for a couple of things at once — just saying.

Kia Optima Hybrid Superman

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