Chrysler preps Dodge Dart marketing push during MLB All-Star game

Chrysler preps Dodge Dart marketing push during MLB All-Star game

The Dodge Dart media campaign won’t kick into high gear until September, but that hasn’t stopped Chrysler from giving us a glimpse at this hotly anticipated compact car.

The spot, which is titled “How to Change Cars Forever,” aired last night during the Major League Baseball All-Star Game and kicks off the Dart’s “New Rules” ad campaign.

With the Jay-Z and Kanye West single “No Church in the Wild” bumping in the background, we’re treated to a humor-filled, rapid-fire look at what goes into designing a car from the ground up: apparently lots of coffee and little sleep. There’s even a brief cameo by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for that obligatory celeb tie-in.

“Adding a dose of fun, creative license and Dodge brand humor, [the ad] captures the meticulous process of starting with a simple idea and developing it into a revolutionary new car,” says Olivier Francois, head of marketing for Chrysler Group LLC. “[With the commercial] we wanted to provide a peek inside what it takes to bring a new car to fruition.”

And it would appear that they have succeeded, although we’re not exactly sure what “Dodge brand humor” equates to. Needless to say, it’s a fun and clever ad that will only serve to help push the Dart’s  much-hyped, and eagerly anticipated debut, which has already begun rolling out into dealerships across the United States. 

But don’t take our word for it; feel free to check out the ad for yourself down below. And then head over to our 2013 Dodge Dart first drive impressions.

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