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Could a hybrid supercar be in the works for bashful British automaker Bristol?

Bristol to take a stab at relevance with a new hybrid supercar unveiling at the Goodwood Festival of SpeedIf you’ve never heard of the automaker Bristol, you’re hardly the only one. The small British firm has been turning out small quantities of handmade cars for several decades, but have never done much to publicize its cars. Neither has it ever had much to do with engineering, with most of its cars being tweaked versions of cars made by other companies. An example would be the recent new model, the Fighter, unveiled in 2004, which was essentially a rebodied and tuned Dodge Viper. Now there’s not really anything wrong with this, but as you might imagine, tweaking and tuning other cars, not to mention hardly promoting your work, isn’t a great way to bring in very much money. And it was only because Bristol was acquired by Kamkorp Group in 2011 that the name still exists.

Kamkorp also owns the powertrain manufacturer Frazer-Nash, the current owners of the rights to the Wankel rotary engine, and it now seems that the parent company would like to use its recent acquisition of Bristol as a way to showcase Frazer-Nash powertrain technology. According to Autocar, the company announced it will unveil a new extended-range electric supercar, most likely at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July. In case you don’t remember,  Frazer-Nash did  build a concept extended-range EV supercar back in 2009. This was the Namir (pictured), which was styled by Italdesign and used a 813cc rotary range extender. The company is keeping quiet about how similar the upcoming Bristol car will be to the 2009 concept, but wild as that design was, it’s difficult to imagine it will be completely unrelated. Could an updated version of the Namir be in the works? We can’t say for sure, but if it looks anything remotely similar to its current version we’ll be very pleased indeed.