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Make your snake one in a million through the Dodge Viper customization program

Anyone in the market for a Dodge SRT Viper has reason to celebrate today as Dodge announced an unprecedented level of customization options for customers, as well as some other fun perks that sweeten the pot. The available options in the customization program are so vast, there are 25 million possible combinations, making sure the Viper you take home is “one of one.”

The new exclusivity program gives prospective customers the opportunity to fine tune nearly every detail of the Viper GTC models, including choosing from 8,000 hand-painted exterior colors, 24,000 different stripes, 10 wheel options, 16 interior trims, six aero kits, and a handful of other numerous standalone options. If it seems like an overwhelming number, it’s because when Dodge says “one of one,” they mean it: no two customers can order the same configuration.

Dodge SRT Viper Customization Program

Orders of the custom lead food rocket ship are handled through a Viper Concierge, who’s with them throughout the customer journey, from the selection through the build process to the delivery of the vehicle.Once the color selection is done, Dodge sends a 1:18 scale Viper speed form model to confirm the color combination, ensuring it looks better in real life than it does on the computer screen, From there, the customer can keep tabs on how the build is going along with a VIP Owner’s Portal, where the concierge will share weekly updates and photos of the assembly.

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With a starting MSRP of $94,995, the custom Viper GTC model bags customers all the content of the new GT model, like the driver-selectable dampers and five-mode ESC system, and adds a personalized instrument panel badge, among all the customization options. Every Viper still gets a monstrous 8.4-liter V10 under the hood, ready to expell 645 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque from the rear.

Dodge SRT Viper Customization Program

Dealers will be taking orders in February, and those who want to configure their own Viper can do so at drivesrt.com once the customizer is up and running. In the mean time, get your crayons out and see what color goes best with burnt rubber.