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Donkervoort’s D8 GTO Bilster Berg Edition is 380 horsepower of tongue-twisting fun

Some people like cars that ferry them along in luxury, and others prefer the automotive equivalent of a punch to the face.

Look at the Donkervoort D8 GTO. Inspect its rough, brawny lines, and listen to its name rattle and clang around inside your head. This is not a car; it’s blunt force trauma.

For fans of this type of transportation, the D8 GTO may remind you of the iconic Caterham Seven or the Lotus Seven that came before it. There’s little comfort, refinement, or practicality to speak of inside each vehicle, but the Dutch GTO takes it to the next level.

Under the elongated, vented hood sits a modified version of the 2.5-liter turbo four that powers the Audi RS3 and TT RS. It sends 380 horsepower back through the rear wheels, allowing the shooting brake silhouette to rocket from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds.

It’s fast, yes, but not just in a straight line. Donkervoort has just announced a special version of the D8 GTO called the Bilster Berg Edition.

Bilster Berg is a high-speed circuit in Driburg, Germany, one Donkervoort happens to hold the production car lap record at.

Outside of a racing clutch, the limited edition supercar features no major upgrades to the powertrain. After all, it’s already comparable to a McLaren P1 in a drag race.

However, its suspension and chassis have been tweaked for hardcore track performance. It wears semi-slick Hankook tires, and the car is about 22 pounds lighter with the use of carbon fiber seats. It also equips a dashboard data logger and GPS.

The Bilster Berg Edition features styling only a hardcore gearhead could love, with a chunky profile, menacing front end, and fabric-wrapped shooting brake caboose.

To say the least, the car is a bit rough around the edges. We’ll actually love the massive, Viper-esque side exhausts (just don’t wear shorts), but the chintzy-looking dash and interior quality are a tad questionable.

But hey, when you’re screaming around a hairpin corner at a bazillion miles an hour, you probably won’t care about saggy leather.

Only 14 examples of the special GTO will be produced for a whopping 194,000 Euros ($229,000). This is clearly a ride like no other, but considering the Caterham Seven 620R produces similar performance for $72,900, do you think it’s worth it?