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Insurance company tallies damage from first seven Fast & Furious movies

Why it matters to you

An insurance company tried to quantify the amount of destruction from 15 years of Fast & Furious movies.

A new Fast & Furious movie is just around the corner, and you can bet there will be car carnage. While the series is ostensibly about some combination of street racing and elaborate heists, it’s defined by car crashes, explosions, and general vehicular mayhem.

But how much has the swath of destruction Dom Toretto and company have carved through the past seven movies actually cost? British firm Insure the Gap decided to find out, watching all seven movies and even calling in a classic-car consultant to evaluate some of the more high-profile car casualties. It estimated the total damage at around 419 million pounds, or over $523 million.

The insurers determined that 142 “regular” cars were destroyed over the course of the first seven films, and 169 were damaged. In addition, 37 “special” cars were destroyed, the most expensive being a W Motors Lykan Hypersport, which has a list price of $3.4 million. A supercar from the United Arab Emirates with a claimed 245-mph top speed, the Hypersport was destroyed in Furious 7 in a scene where it was jumped between two skyscrapers.

Besides the cars, an estimated 31 buildings have been destroyed so far in the Fast & Furious franchise, and 53 damaged. Most of the overall damage was caused by the heroes, who racked up a $325 million tally of destruction, which actually isn’t too surprising. The “heroes” were the ones who turned a giant safe into a car-crushing wrecking ball in Fast 5, after all.

Insure the Gap also found that the level of destruction hasn’t been consistent across every movie. The third movie, Tokyo Drift, focused more on racing and consequently had a lower damage toll. But things changed with Fast 5, when the series started to focus more on heists and stunts than cars.

The eighth movie in the franchise, Fate of the Furious, looks set to continue the series’ destructive ways. Trailers have already shown shenanigans involving a submarine and a swarm of autonomous cars controlled by Charlize Theron. This is going to be expensive. The movie premieres April 14.