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Ferrari secretly previews their upcoming F150, word leaks out that it’s cooler than Ford’s F-150

It takes more than just money to buy certain Ferrari models. For their more exclusive production runs, Ferrari is very picky about who it will sell cars to. Evidence of this was the recent private showing of the F150, an upcoming new hypercar from Ferrari which will serve as the successor to the Enzo. The car was shown to an invite-only crowd of potential buyers in Maranello, Ferrari’s home town. This comes well before the planned official unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show in March, meaning that it is very likely that the entire 499-unit production run will be sold out before the first member of the general public lays eyes on the car.

As strict as Ferrari was about the private showing, a few details have leaked out. One is the nifty metal plate you see pictured above, which comes via Car Scoop and does at least prove that the event was real. We also know that the car will be powered by an 800-horsepower V12 which will be attached to a KERS system that will bring the total up to 950 horsepower. KERS is one of those F1-derived technologies which is going to start making its way onto road cars. It is basically a form of hybrid system which, instead of being used to improve fuel economy, is used to give an on-demand boost of horsepower. The engine will redline at 9,200rpm, but will be tuned to sound like an F1 engine at near the redline. The whole chassis will be built out of carbon fiber, and the underside protected by Kevlar. The price will be about $1.6 million, assuming you’re one of those lucky enough to be allowed to buy one.