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Fueling your car off of french fries just got easier thanks to the BioBot 20

Fueling your car off of french fries just got easier, thanks to the BioBotWhen it comes to green transportation, it doesn’t get much greener than running your car off of recycled fuel. Companies like McDonald’s, with access to large quantities of used cooking oil, will often do this to power delivery trucks. That’s all well and good for large corporations, but what about individuals? As it turns out, some especially industrious people do in fact do this, although you need to have quite a lot of time on your hands, and people might think you rather odd for storing used cooking oil in your basement. Of course this will be balanced out by how delicious you smell. However, according to Green Car Reports, a new product from Biobot, a UK company, can now streamline the entire process.

Fueling your car off of french fries just got easier, thanks to the BioBot2It’s called the BioBot 20, and it’s a compact device that you use in the comfort of your kitchen by draining used cooking oil into it its reaction chamber. Once it’s full, you switch it on and it facilitates the process of making the used oil into fuel. You’ll have to do a bit of the work yourself at the end, but it’s a pretty simple process overall. The device sells for $655 and there are some chemical additives you’ll need to buy, but not counting the cost of the BioBot 20 itself, you can make fuel for your car at a price of about $1 a gallon. The only real drawback here is that it only makes about 4 gallons at a time. However, if your household is eating enough fried foods that this is too slow a pace, you might have bigger problems. It will take a while for the savings in fuel to pay off, but if you’re already driving a diesel, the benefit for those wishing to lead a greener life is undeniable.