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It’s no Black Series, but GSC’s Mercedes-AMG GT may be the next best thing

It looks like we’ll be waiting awhile for new versions of the Mercedes-AMG GT, so for fresh tire-shredding designs, we turn to the aftermarket industry.

Chemnitz-based German Special Customs (GSC) has released digital renderings of a planned customization package for the sports car, one that includes a new front splitter, vented hood, color-matched wheels, and tweaked fender vents. There’s also a dramatic GT3-style rear wing, and a howling four-pipe exhaust system out back.

These are just sketches for the moment, but if production design is born soon, GSC will be among the first tuners to make aftermarket parts specifically for the AMG GT.

With their aggressive, sharp lines, GSC’s modifications look a lot like the conceptual Black Series renderings that popped up in September. When and if it comes to fruition, the German brand’s kit could preview Mercedes’ future range-topper.

As for the Black Series itself, Mercedes-AMG Boss Tobias Moers recently said the hardcore version “is a car we must do.” With the AMG GT S rapidly approaching its delivery date, the Black Series’ explosive arrival inches closer every day. Slowly.

“It won’t be here soon,” Moers explained at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, “because Black Series cars tend to come towards the end of a car’s production cycle.”

How will Mercedes (and perhaps GSC) improve on the performance of the AMG GT? There’s no word yet, but the hand-built, 4.0-liter biturbo V8 under the elongated hood is definitely capable of improving on the stock 503 horsepower.

As it stands, though, the M178 is a pretty capable mill. With 479 pound-feet of torque on hand in GT S guise, the boosted V8 pushes the two-door to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, before hitting its limited speed of 193 mph.

How will the future Black Series perform? It’s too early to tell, but for clues, we look to the past in the form of SLS AMG GT, the AMG GT’s predecessor. The gullwing model boasted 39 more hp with the Black Series badge, and also wore carbon ceramic brakes, a rear diff lock, lighter curb weight, and bolstered suspension.