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Americans still can’t get the Civic Type R, but its boosted engine may be headed Stateside

Life as an American Honda enthusiast can be quite frustrating.

European and Asian markets have been thrashing the high revving, performance-focused Civic Type R around since 1997, while American consumers have had to settle for the Civic Si.

We don’t mean to slight the charming, 205-horsepower Si, but compared to its more illustrious cousin (and its turbocharged competitors), it seems a little watered down.

However, this dynamic might be changing.

A new report by Spanish news source Motor y Racing claims that Honda may be developing a new, U.S.-spec Civic with the same 2.0-liter turbo engine from the upcoming Type R.

The four-cylinder i-VTEC powertrain holds more than 276 hp under its flamboyant boy-racer hood, but with final specs still undisclosed, some estimates have pegged the turbo’s output at over 300 hp.

It all comes together in what Honda calls “the most extreme [Civic] yet,” but it is not known if the proposed model will wear Type R badges or not. Further questions arise about the future of the Civic Si, which could be relegated to mid-lineup status (where it should be) or replaced altogether.

Only time will tell.

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If the rumors ring true, a turbocharged American Civic couldn’t be coming at a better time. Ford has just announced that the 300-plus–hp Focus RS, a model that is typically relegated to the European circuit, will become a global seller soon.

Slotted above the 252-hp Focus ST, the RS would make a fantastic competitor for the boosted Honda, although it will likely have the benefit of all-wheel drive.

However, if we’re talking hot hatches, we can probably all agree: the more the merrier.