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Hyundai keeping close tabs on Twitter as a means of responding to poor customer feedback

Conventional wisdom tells us that those who’ve had a negative experience with a business are more inclined to tell people than those who’ve had a positive one. The figures change depending on who you talk to, and none of them are exactly based on hard evidence anyway. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any truth to them, and it’s something that business owners need to be aware of. In the age of Twitter, the number of people who will hear about your bad experience increases exponentially, and for big companies like automakers, negative reviews can reach millions in just seconds. So Hyundai have implemented a program whereby a member of its Customer Connect team scours through Twitter every day looking for people reporting on negative Hyundai experiences, according to WardsAuto.

The complaints Hyundai finds are treated just like any other complaint it receives via phone or email. These tweets are a possible future avenue by which Hyundai can gather data on dealership performance, theoretically replacing the current dealer satisfaction survey. This is still probably a long way off, but Hyundai is still reeling from a storm of bad publicity generated by lawsuits connected to inflated fuel economy figures, and no doubt a bit of preemptive damage control will go a long way for the company. Of course, the problem with Twitter is that the information goes public instantly, meaning an issue a dealer might not even be aware of could become a big PR nightmare before it even has a chance to react, let alone find out about it. So the Twitter response program is just the first step toward improving how Hyundai responds to customer satisfaction problems. The next step will obviously be to find a way of dealing with these problems before they become public.