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IBM signs a deal with Green eMotion to help bring standardization to European EV charging

Despite the continuing federalization of Europe, there are still some issues which haven’t been agreed upon across the whole EU. One of these is a standardized system for electric vehicle charging. Part of the issue is as simple as one standard type of plug, but it gets more complicated. EV owners obviously try to charge at home as much as possible, but when they need to use a charging station, they need to have an “energy provider” with whom they have an account and can charge with. This works a lot like a cell phone, except that right now, it’s a cell phone that won’t work if they leave their native country. Trips across boarders are quite common since the establishment of the EU, and an inability to use EVs for these trips is obviously a major stumbling block in the way of mass adoption.

To that end, the EU set up the Green eMotion Project, which is tasked with a wide variety of sustainability-related efforts in the area of transportation. Now IBM has joined up with them in order to help with the job of EV standardization. They have created a platform known as the B2B Marketplace which will be pushed by Green eMotion as the new European standard and will allow EV owners to charge anywhere in Europe regardless of their energy provider. Green eMotion will still have quite a long way to go if they expect to hit their goal of reducing carbon emissions in Europe by 60 percent by the year 2050, but this is still great news even in the short term for EV owners in the EU.