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Jaguar taking another swipe at BMW with 3-Series fighter in 2015

The 2001-2009 X-Type was not Jaguar’s finest hour. The car might have been Jaguar’s top-selling model during its lifetime, but the rebadged Ford Contour/Mondeo didn’t help out Jaguar’s brand image too much, and the especially failure-prone all-wheel-drive system offered up further evidence that nobody really thought this car through all the way. But a car to compete with BMW’s 3-Series still made good business sense, and it seems Jaguar is going to take another shot at it.

Automobile reports that Jaguar has given the car, currently known only as “project X760”, a green light for a 2015 debut. This will first take the form of a four-door sedan, with a sporty five-door crossover version of the vehicle to follow in 2016. The new car will also be sharing a platform, but it’s unlikely to be the kind of problem it was before. This is because the platform will be Jaguar’s premium lightweight architecture (PLA), which is currently used for the XJ as well as the 2013 Land Rover Range Rover. Not only are these much nicer vehicles that the Contour was, but the platform was designed to be much more scalable and accommodating of different vehicle types. The new car will have optional all-wheel-drive as well, and we’d guess that this time around, Jaguar will know better than to cut corners.

It’s true that Jaguar made of mess of this vehicle type last time, but the company has new owners now, and some of those specific earlier mistakes couldn’t be repeated if they wanted to. There is ample evidence from the past few years that Jaguar is finally on the right path, and it would be genuinely surprising if the X-Type’s successor turned out to anything less than fantastic.