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Mind the gap: Land Rover reportedly prepping larger Range Rover Evoque to expand lineup

For an automaker, the gaps between models are opportunities. If there’s a space where a vehicle can be sold, you can bet your bottom dollar that an ambitious manufacturer will try and fill it.

Land Rover is reportedly planning to do just that with a new, larger Range Rover Evoque, a 2016-bound model sandwiched between the standard Evoque (pictured) and the Range Rover Sport.

A roomier Evoque may sound strange, given that the vehicle’s appeal is Range Rover luxury and capability in a more compact package. Nevertheless, Autocar has learned that the model has been greenlit by the British brand and is headed for a late 2016 debut.

The SUV, which may be called ‘Evoque Plus,’ is expected to be a type of ‘sister car’ to the Jaguar F-Pace crossover, though it will likely be longer and boast a seven-seat option.

Pricing for the ‘Evoque Plus’ is rumored to hover around the $58,000 mark, a noticeable premium over the base Evoque’s MSRP of $41,000. Like the F-Pace, entry-level models will presumably equip a smattering of gas and diesel ‘Ingenium’ four-cylinders, while larger V6s and supercharged powertrains will adorn the upper end of the range.

All-wheel drive is, of course, a given.

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With shared powertrains and similar size, the question of intracompany cannibalization has to be asked in regard to the Evoque Plus and F-Pace. Styling-wise, though, the Jag will take major aesthetic cues from 2013’s C-X17 concept, which could be enough to separate the two.

The siblings may also be the first all-electric production models under the Jaguar Land Rover banner, as industry rumblings have recently pointed toward an F-Pace EV.

A zero-emissions, metro-friendly Range Rover? Yeah, they might sell a few of those …