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With new Chinese owner’s deep pockets, MG said to be working on “next breed” of sports car

MG Concept

We have MG to thank for our perception of what makes a proper roadster. The MGB might not have been the first roadster in the world, but it was the first  of its kind to reach the level of popularity it did, and every successful roadster since has followed essentially the same formula. So iconic was this little car that when Mazda unveiled the Miata in 1989, the press referred to as “an MGB which doesn’t leak oil”. That kind of success is an incredibly hard act to follow, and MG never successfully pulled it off.

But that could change sometime soon. MG has new owners, SAIC of China, and PistonHeads reports that they have come to an agreement with their team in the UK that MG needs a sports car. MG is apparently looking to bring out a whole new kind of sports car as well, reinventing the genre the way it did with the MGB. Fortunately, it seems that car won’t be a production version of the Icon concept from earlier this year, the small crossover with some MGB styling in the front end. That really wouldn’t do, and neither is it a particularly new niche.

MG Concept Angle

We’ll have to wait and see what it is that MG means exactly when they say “next breed”. This has often been automaker code for hybrid, but hybrid sports cars have been sort of hit-or-miss, and this is all the more true when it comes to cars in the price range where MG typically operates. It’s certainly an ambitious project, no matter what it actually turns out to be, but MG has considerably more financial backing now than they ever did before when they tried to reinvent the sports car, so maybe this time they’ll actually get it right. Here’s hoping.