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Mopar makeup means meaner-looking Dodge Dart – just not any faster

Mopar rolls out tons of new parts for the Dodge Dart, none of them make it faster

The Dodge Dart has not been selling well. It’s an attractive and reasonably priced car, but it hasn’t really caught on the way Dodge had hoped. In an effort to combat this, the company recently brought  a decked-out Dart to the 2013 Chicago Auto Show featuring a number of new parts from its Mopar division. As reported by Autoblog,  this list includes 150 new parts which can be ordered right through Dodge’s dealer network and won’t void your warranty. Most of these are cosmetic touches in keeping with the “tuner” style of parts popular with compact car modification crowd. They include parts like a carbon fiber hood, front and rear spoilers, new wheels, and a grille insert.

Mopar rolls out tons of new parts for the Dodge Dart, none of them make it faster2

There are also some more functional parts, including a performance brake kit. We haven’t seen many complaints that the factory brakes are inadequate, but bigger brakes are never a bad thing. There is also an in-vehicle Wi-Fi router, which works up to 150 feet away, and a wireless charging system for battery devices like phones. Lastly, there is an electronic vehicle tracking system, which can remotely alert the owner if someone has stolen their car, or if the person they’ve lent their car to is driving too fast.

Of course, there is still the big issue that the Dart is on the sluggish side. Virtually every review of the car, including our own, tells of a car that you want to love but that simply feels too underpowered. The recently unveiled Dart GT has gone a small way toward correcting this problem, but enthusiasts seem to still be holding out for more power. The unfortunate truth about the new Mopar options is that they are more cosmetic than anything else, which for some might not matter, but if you’re looking to boost your Dart’s performance you might be more than a little disappointed.

Mopar rolls out tons of new parts for the Dodge Dart, none of them make it faster3