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New reports hint at less powerful but more exclusive Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C FrontA lot is riding on the upcoming Alfa Romeo 4C. The little mid-engine sports car is not only the company’s first mainstream sports car in quite a while, but it will also spearhead Alfa’s return to the US market following a debut at next month’s Geneva Motor Show. We had been told that the concept weighed less than 1,900 lbs, and early reports foretold of a 300-horsepower version of Alfa’s 1.75-liter turbocharged, four-cylinder engine currently being used in the Giulietta QV. It will apparently compete with the Porsche Cayman, although with stats like those it would mean the 4C could very well be a hair faster than the Cayman.

Alfa Romeo 4C concept image side

But now Car Scoop has received a tip from a dealer in Switzerland who provided some inside information on the car. First up is power, it won’t be 300hp, but rather the same 237 horsepower that the Giulietta QV makes. We have a price as well, although that price applies only to Switzerland. The number is $76,000 to $87,000 at current exchange rates, although this is almost certainly higher than what the US price will be. In fact, judging by the usual price differences, it would seem reasonable to expect the 4C to be pretty much in line with the $52,000 base price of the Cayman. But for that price, it seems unlikely that it would be cost-effective for Alfa to include as much carbon fiber in the construction of the car as would be needed to keep the weight optimally low. The 4C will therefore probably end up weighing only a bit less than the Cayman, to go along with it having slightly less power.

Alfa Romeo 4C concept rear

According to reports, there will be a number of versions of the 4C come launch time: a convertible version of the car, a track-only race version, and a race-ready but street legal Stradale version, with both of the last two having a slightly more powerful engines. But where things gets really fuzzy is the apparently limited numbers planned  for production.  How low? Well according to reports, only 2,000 units of the 4C  are tipped for production worldwide. That’s a very low number indeed, especially when the car will be used to recapture a huge market like the United States. But it’s not impossible, and we’re going to have to wait until at least next month to see if much of this information proves 100 percent accurate.