Dieselgate: VW says 3-liter diesels can likely be repaired instead of bought back

Now that owners of the cheating 2.0 liter diesel-powered VW Group cars are to be offered buybacks, a smaller group of 3.0 liter cars could be repaired with no buybacks. That's what a VW attorney told a U.S. judge.

Updated – Is BMW teaming up with Intel, Mobileye to develop autonomous vehicles?

BMW, which recently said it would have a completely autonomous car by 2021, is holding a joint news conference July 1 with chip-maker Intel and machine vision technology firm Mobileye. An autonomous car venture is expected.

Does Tesla have blood on its hands? The complex morality of autonomy

On Thursday NHTSA announced plans to investigate the May 7 fatality of a Florida man behind the wheel of – but not driving – a Tesla Model S. The car has Autopilot and during this accident, it was in control. So is Tesla at fault?…

These cars are now banned from Paris city limits to help curb air pollution

Paris officials have passed a law that makes it illegal for cars built before 1997 to enter the city limits. Fear not, enthusiasts, cars registered as classic vehicles are exempt from the ban.

The redesigned C3 hatchback propels Paris-based Citroen into the tech game

Paris-based Citroen has introduced the new C3, a hatchback that's about as big as Ford's Fiesta. The C3 gets a head-turning design, and it packs more tech features than any Citroen in recent memory.

Faraday Future joins Formula E racing and will provide related technology

Faraday Future is partnering with Formula E team Dragon Racing. The Chinese-backed carmaker will provide both sponsorship dollars and technology, including components that will be used on production cars.

If you own one of these Honda or Acura models, stop driving now, Feds say

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is urging owners of certain 2001-2003 Honda and Acura models to stop driving their cars immediately, because of particularly dangerous Takata airbag inflators.

Researchers replace the second lens in 3D cameras with something cheaper

The latest research from Toshiba means your next robot could be a Cyclops -- and still measure depth with one eye. By using colored filters instead of a second lens, 3D cameras for robots and automated cars could be cheaper to produce.

Gawk at the finest rides from this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a big motor sport party, and the cars that debut there are among the most exotic you’ll ever see. From Aston Martin to McLaren, we’ve got ‘em all right here.

Mature but not boring, Audi's S5 Coupe is a CEO with a wingsuit in his closet

Audi’s 2017 S5 coupe treads the fine line between exuberant boy racer and staid luxury car, and some-how ends up nailing both.

Ruby Tuesday Supercharger stations to give Tesla owners a boost

Ruby Tuesday opened its first Tesla Supercharger station in Missouri this week, and intends to add more at other locations across the country. The partnership keeps with Tesla's promise to double the number of charging stations in the U.S.