Verizon Hum knows where you are — and where your kids are 1:00

Verizon aims to breathe new smarts into America’s dumb cars with the Hum, which adds electronic brains to any 1996-or-newer vehicles for just $15 a month -- and new features rolling out this week bring key new functionality.
Product Review

BlackVue DR650GW-2CH dash cam Review

BlackVue is a great starter dash cam, but comes at a high price.

Rezvani’s ‘Beastly’ lineup will add a coupe and SUV by year’s end

Rezvani Motors founder Ferris Rezvani recently said that his company will build a coupe version of its Beast supercar in 2016. The automaker also plans to build an “ultra-rugged SUV” by year’s end.

Audi is preparing to launch a tiny crossover called Q2 … will the U.S. market see it? 0:16

Audi will travel to the Geneva Auto Show to unveil the Q2, its smallest crossover yet. Built on Volkswagen's MQB platform, the Q2 will wear a sharp design inspired by bigger Audi crossovers like the Q3 and the Q7.
Cool Tech

With auto-braking and location tracking, the Arrow is the safest go-kart for kids

Silicon Valley start-up Actev Motors revealed the first ever smart go-kart designed for children ages 5 to 9. This smart-kart features built-in Wi-Fi, GPS and high-tech safety features.

Radio Flyer’s kid-sized Tesla Model S redefines the term ‘early adopter’ 1:57

Tesla has teamed up with Radio Flyer to build a one-seater Model S for kids aged between three and eight. Far from your average kiddy car, Radio Flyer's Model S features a lithium-ion battery, a trunk, and even a sound system.