Tesla Model S tackles Pikes Peak, setting a new record in the process

A Tesla Model S driven by Go Puck founder Blake Fuller set a record for production-based electric vehicles at the 2016 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, covering the 12.42-mile course in under 12 minutes.

Gas station chain shows interest in charging stations, talks with Tesla underway

Electric cars require a network of charging stations for long trips. Gas stations foresee gasoline sales dropping. Joining the two sounds like a plan, and Tesla is already in talks with a major mid-Atlantic gas station network about…

Lyft reportedly made investors very happy with its record number of rides

In a leaked investor update, mustached ride-sharing service Lyft reportedly completed 12.7 million rides in May, a company record for any month. Lyft also set records in other spheres, such as number of unique riders.
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Smart billboards will identify car models and target ads to drivers

A new system being developed in Japan identifies vehicles by make and model and displays highly targeted ads. In testing, vehicle identification was accurate 94 percent of the time. Billboard companies expect to charge more for targeted…

BMW’s ReachNow service is flooding Seattle with cheap, easy transportation

Digital Trends attended the launch of BMW’s ReachNow mobility service in Seattle and experienced first-hand what the automaker has planned for cities across North America. Here’s our take on the all-new program.

History Channel slams the brakes on ‘Top Gear USA’; show may seek new network

'Top Gear USA' will end its run on the History Channel with Tuesday night's episode. Host Rutledge Wood hinted that the American version of 'Top Gear' may be picked up by another network, though.

A candid Marshawn Lynch talks frunks, Chick-fil-A and Tesla’s front seat

Ex-Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch not only lent his talents in our selection of the 2016 Car of the Year awards but the enigmatic former footballer also shed a little light on what he's like off the field.

VW to pay up for Dieselgate — $15 billion plus and it's not over yet

VW's U.S. settlement for 475,000 vehicles with diesel emissions software cheats are due today. The total for U.S. and states exceeds $15 billion. $10.033 billion will be for owner and lease buybacks and additional compensation.

High performance, low key, now smarter than ever, VW's Golf R is nearly perfect

When the Golf R landed on U.S. shores last year we were immediately smitten, but found room for improvement. 2016 finds the Golf R edging closer to perfection.

Report: Matt LeBlanc threatens to quit Top Gear unless Chris Evans is ousted

Things seem to be frosty on the set of the new Top Gear, as Matt LeBlanc has reportedly expressed his displeasure with working alongside Chris Evans. Reports show that Evans has been disinterested in associating with the rest of the crew.

Uber stepping into travel advisory and concierge services

Uber's app in China will soon have new apps to help local travelers, UberLife for local devices and Uber + Travel for alternative local transportation. Articles on Uber's website suggest the company is seeking a role as travel authority.