Tesla wants to buy SolarCity to achieve vertical integration in the energy space

Tesla has officially made an offer to buy SolarCity, one of the largest solar panel and energy service providers in the world. In accepted, Tesla claims it would become the world’s first vertically integrated energy company offering clean…

Updated – Dodge launches five special editions to mark the end of the Viper

The Dodge Viper will end production this year, which happens to be its 25th anniversary. Dodge will usher the car out with five special editions, each referencing some part of Viper history.

Soon, you’ll be able to use BMW i3 batteries to power your house

BMW is launching a home energy storage system using the same batteries as its i3 electric car. The system will use either new batteries or "second-life" batteries recycled from cars.
Cool Tech

Synthia is a massive virtual city where autonomous vehicles can safely learn how to drive

“Our research shows that the gap between virtual and real worlds is getting very small,” German Ros, a research assistant and Deep Learning PhD candidate, who worked on the project, tells Digital Trends.
Product Review

Garmin DriveLuxe 50 LMTHD GPS Review

Save your smartphone’s data and let the Garmin DriveLuxe take the wheel for your navigation.

Behind the curtain at collector car auctions

The collector car market has much more in common with the stock market than it does with the regular business of buying and selling cars. We pull back the curtain and show you who wins, who loses, and how it all works.
Movies & TV

Check out the new Batmobile in Zack Snyder's 'Justice League'

Warner Bros. Pictures has released the official plot synopsis and title logo for its upcoming superhero team-up movie Justice League, as wellas the first image of the film's upgraded Batmobile.

VR-like 360-degree viewing comes to the used-car market with Beepi

Used-car sales marketplace Beepi makes internet car shopping more realistic. Scan potential new rides inside and out with VR-like 360-degree views. You can't actually kick the tires but you can check out a separate ding-and-dimple report.

Toyota investing in AI to enable its cars to predict events and take evasive action

Toyota doesn't just want cars that can react, it wants vehicles with onboard systems that can read data from many sources to anticipate and avoid problems. The goal is cars that can take evasive action independently.

Volkswagen may cut 40 models across its many brands

As it continues working to dig itself out of the hole of the diesel scandal, Volkswagen may cut 40 models across its many brands in order to make the most of now-limited resources.

Ride along as we test 15 of this year's top cars to find the best of the best 12:25

For the annual Digital Trends Car Awards, we gathered the best cars in seven different categories, put them in charge of our crack team of car editors, and let them loose to decide which truly reigned supreme.