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Porsche’s new four-cylinder engines herald a brave new world of performance downsizing

Porsche has been growing its gasoline six- and eight-cylinder engines over the years, but now the company plans to downsize with a new line of four-bangers. However, they won't disappoint enthusiasts.


Mitsubishi attacks Pikes Peak with 603-HP electric racer

The 2014 Mitsubishi i-MiEV Evolution III builds on the success of last year's i-MiEV Pikes Peak electric racer with 603 horsepower and improved Super All-Wheel Control all-wheel drive.


First Drive: 2015 BMW i8

The 2015 BMW i8 is the German brand’s all-new halo car. And unlike other halo cars of the past, the i8 isn’t just a shot across the bow of its competitors; it’s a shot aimed…

  • Pros: Stunning exterior design , Smooth, powerful, and wildly…
  • Cons: Understeer prone , Seats lack adequate side bolstering…

A breath of fresh, charged air: Turbocharged Ferrari 458 coming in 2015

With a multitude of electric, turbocharged, and hybrid supercars on the road, it is clear that we are in the midst of a powertrain renaissance. Will the new, turbocharged Ferrari 458 Italia be accepted as other have?


Lamborghini goes racing with the Huracán LP610-4 Super Trofeo

Lamborghini has not been traditionally associated with motor sport prowess, but the new racing version of the Huracan the Super Trofeo might change that. Designed to participate in Lamborghini's Super Trofeo GT racing series this insane car is going to be…


How to watch the WWDC 2014 live stream whether you have an Apple device or not

There are multiple ways to watch the live stream of WWDC 2014, even if you don't have an Apple device. You can learn more here.


Google invests in human laziness with new self-driving car

Google's testing of autonomous cars has shown one thing: humans can't be trusted. And its not just other drivers either. In fact the real problem is that the person in the self driving car can't be trusted to take over when there is a problem. That was why…


Start your engines and turn up the stereo for Forza Horizon 2

Mario Kart a little silly for your taste? Microsoft has announced the next installment of their flagship racing franchise, Forza Horizon 2, coming to Xbox One and 360 this fall.


Liberty Electric Cars Deliver is an electric van that looks like a discarded sci-fi prop

With the straightforward name Deliver and in-wheel motors, this British electric van could help businesses go green, and take on the Nissan e-NV200, assuming it ever enters production.


Is Ford’s adaptive steering a helping hand, or a robotic menace?

Not all car enthusiasts have gotten over the switch to electric power steering, so will they do now that Ford plans to take adaptive steering mainstream? The Dearborn carmaker will launch its system within a year.


Joy Ride: 2015 Vespa Sprint 150

Vespa’s 2015 Sprint 150 hearkens to the days of go-go boots and pageboy hairdos, but big tires, LED running lamps and ABS give this retro machine a thoroughly modern makeover.

  • Pros: Drop-dead simple controls make riding as easy as it is fun…
  • Cons: Despite hints of flair, somewhat indistinguishable from…

Going green: McLaren’s supercar lineup could be all-hybrid within 10 years

Within 10 years, every McLaren model could be offered with a hybrid powertrain, the company's CEO said. Granted, that's not a lot: McLaren only plans to produce two to three models at a time.