Daimler offers up its top 10 reasons to carshare

Personal independence, modern mobility, and freedom from the burdens of car ownership epitomize the advantages of car sharing, according to Daimler. The company offers its expanding Car2go free-floating car-sharing service serves as the…

Pininfarina’s radical H2 Speed hydrogen concept car will become reality

The Pininfarina H2 Speed concept hydrogen fuel cell race car concept will enter production. Pininfarina says it will build 10 copies, at $2.5 million each. They may even be certified for competition.

Watch out Uber and Lyft — Google's new Waze-based service is coming for you

If the enemy of your enemy is your friend, Uber and Lyft may finally be on the same side as they prepare to defend themselves from Google and its Waze-based carpool service, slated to serve the San Francisco area.
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Chicago installs air-quality sensors in high-traffic areas

Concerned about citizen health threats due to air quality, the city of Chicago is putting air quality sensors on 100 traffic poles to monitor and report. The computers will help monitor air pollution due to traffic, factories, and other…

More Mitsubishi models are found to have exaggerated fuel-economy ratings

Mitsubishi must stop sales of eight models in Japan after a government investigation found that fuel-economy ratings were overstated. Mitsubishi previously admitted to cheating on fuel-economy tests as far back as 1991.

Tesla has decided to go into the auto insurance business

Tesla is partnering with larger insurers to offer car insurance to people who buy its vehicles. Coverage includes features that only apply to electric cars. Damage to Tesla Home Wall connectors is insured as well as the vehicles.

Uber drivers get free access to rideshare driver expense tracker

Uber has partnered with Stride Health to offer its new Stride Drive app free to Uber drivers. Expense tracking specifically for rideshare drivers can save drivers time, hassle, and money, and save on income taxes down the road.

Mercedes-AMG's next supercar could bring F1 tech to the road

Mercedes-AMG could celebrate its 50th birthday by bringing Formula 1 technology to the streets. The company is allegedly working on a new hypercar powered by an evolution of the turbocharged V6 that powers its F1 car.

With BMW Z4 production ended, is a Toyota-engineered replacement on the way?

According to a German publication, the last BMW Z4 has officially rolled off the production line. The sports car was offered in both coupe and roadster forms and had been in production since 2002.

Hamburg wants to be a test center for innovative passenger and freight transport

Volkswagen and the city of Hamburg have agreed to work together for three years developing urban mobility solutions. As autonomous driving and other mobility services develop, real-world testing in towns and cities will increase.

Attending Monterey Car Week is like living in an Xbox racing game

From vintage Ferraris to bleeding-edge Koenigseggs, the most lusted-after cars in the world descend on Pebble Beach every year for Monterey Car Week, and the results will bend your perception of reality.

Big switch: Nikola One all-electric truck will now be charged by hydrogen fuel cell

Switching from its earlier statement that the Nikola One big rig would be battery-electric with a natural gas extender, now it's hydrogen fuel-cell charged. The company plans its own solar hydrogen production farms and filling stations.