You’ll have to move to China if you want to buy BMW’s latest

BMW has introduced an entry-level model called 1 Series Sedan. Likely front-wheel drive, the four-door 1 was designed for Chinese motorists by Chinese engineers, and it won't be sold in the States.

Uber investigators admit to lying and using illegal tactics against Uber’s opponents

Uber's contracted investigative firm, Ergo, admitted in court to lying and illegally recording phone calls to investigate lead plaintiff ad Uber user Spencer Meyer and his attorney in their recent anti-trust suit.

Exclusive: Former employee details the sudden collapse of car-sharing startup FlightCar

Airport car-sharing service FlightCar is no more. Failing to rebound from negative customer reviews, the company closed suddenly, surprising employees. Mercedes-Benz acquired FlightCar's technology and two members of the staff, including…

Ford wants to send autonomous cars to driver’s ed

Just racking up miles in autonomous mode isn't enough, says Ford Innovation director. Standards are needed to certify virtual drivers. Scenarios encountered count more than total miles in autonomous vehicle system learning.

Honda teases 2017 CBR250RR, but can it match the original?

The upcoming 2017 CBR250RR will pack modern features such as ABS brakes and LED lights, but unbelievably, the specification that motorcycle enthusiasts are focusing on is its engine redline of 'only' 14,000 rpm.

Automated car dealership Tred expands to Portland

Tred offers a middleman service to people looking to buy and sell vehicles without having to deal with a traditional auto dealership. It also provides customer and technology support, serving as its value proposition.

D.C. could go to Uber to relieve strain on emergency vehicles

D.C. is handling an unsustainable number of 911 calls after dispatching more than 160,000 responses to 911 calls in 2015, and could outsource some of its lower priority calls to Uber rather than an ambulance.

Dieselgate redux – regulators nix VW 3.0L diesel repair plan

Volkswagen's plan to repair 85,000 U.S. 3.0L diesel cars has been rejected by California's Air Resources Board. The parties are still in talks, but it appears little progress has been made since an earlier proposal in February.

$400K Lamborghini Aventador crashed into a supercar showroom during a photoshoot

Earlier this week, a $400K Lamborghini Aventador crashed through a showroom floor during a photo shoot. Eyewitnesses say the photographer shooting the car was behind the wheel when the incident occurred.

Wring every mile from that fill-up with these gas-saving tips

From camping trips to road trips, summertime is the busiest season for driving. It’s also the most expensive time at the gas pump, so inside, we’re unwrapping all our favorite fuel-saving tips.

AAA study: Road rage epidemic is worse than we thought

According to a new AAA study, nearly 80 percent of drivers have expressed significant anger, aggression, or road rage in the past year. In addition, 51 percent of drivers admitted to purposefully tailgating.

Consumer Reports joins in asking Tesla to turn off Autopilot, Tesla still says no

Six days after a similar request by Consumer Watchdog, Consumer Reports called Tesla to disable Autosteer and Autopilot. Tesla refused. Tesla will continue to develop, validate, and release technology enhancements.