New Ford police Interceptor Utility harder to spot than ever

Integrated headliner lightbars on 2017 Ford Interceptor Utility police SUVs will make them harder than ever to distinguish from a normal blacked out ride. Way back in 2016, at least you could see a telltale rooftop lightbar, but those days…

This Uber competitor is betting heavily on sexual discrimination

As tired as innovation may seem in ride-sharing, one new company from an ex-Uber driver may hold some promise yet. All the drivers and passengers of Chariot for Women are, you guessed it, women.

Auto industry to government: Slow down on self-driving car guidelines

Engineers, safety advocates, and even the manufacturers of autonomous cars themselves are warning federal regulators to take their time creating and modifying the related legislation and guidelines.

6 trends from this year’s car shows that are reshaping your future ride

The New York Auto Show marked the unofficial end of the 2015-2016 auto show season, so let’s take a look back at all our favorite moments. Inside, we talk supercars, autonomous driving, and more.

If extended warranties were a good deal, they wouldn’t need to sell them

Many people want to sell you an extended service contract on your car. If the contract was a good deal for you, they wouldn’t have to give you the hard sell. Do yourself a favor: Tell them to go away.
Cool Tech

Short haul flights will be quieter with Siemens and Airbus electric aircraft

Siemens and Airbus are betting on electric and hybrid/electric aircraft for short haul flights. The benefits are less fuel, lower emissions, and less noise. The companies expect demos by 2020 and planes in service by 2030.

With the Openbay app, you can monitor (and pay for) car repairs from your phone

Openbay has released a new app for Android devices. Also available for Apple phones, the app allows mechanics and customers to communicate with texts, pictures, and video, while also streamlining the scheduling and payment process.

Audi's A4 is a smart car that your phone doesn't put to shame

For the 2017 A4, Audi put technology and intelligence on the forefront. With its 252-hp turbocharged engine, though, the car isn’t exactly a softie.

BMW is returning to its M car roots and ushering i-Performance into the spotlight

Promising consolidation and simplification, BMW sits down with Digital Trends at the New York Auto Show to discuss a return to M brand’s roots and an iPerformance future.

Nissan wants to expand its electric lineup with a crossover and a sports car

Nissan is in the early stages of developing a modular platform for electric vehicles. The first model built on the modular architecture will likely be an electric crossover, but it's at least five years away.