Product Review

Infotainment Review: Volvo Sensus Connect

Volvo’s all-new Sensus system takes a nuanced but cutting-edge approach to infotainment.
Car Review

2015 Kia Soul EV Review

Must be good karma: Kia reincarnates its Soul as an EV, and it's better this way.

Chevrolet announces ‘Teen Driver’ safety system to curb adolescent buffoonery

Chevrolet has announced a new safety system called Teen Driver for the 2016 Malibu. The system will allow parents to review their child’s driving behavior such as distance driven, maximum speed, and antilock braking events.

Will Virgin’s Formula E venture lead to a Tesla road rival? ‘You never know’ says CEO

Richard Branson, head of the Virgin Group, has hinted at the possibility of a Tesla-challenging electric road car coming from his company. This speculation comes from his heavy investment in all-electric Formula E racing.

BMW’s future M car will be taking inspiration from the classic E30 M3

BMW head of design has indicated during an interview that the future M car will take many cues from the E30 M3. This car was built on the second generation 3 Series platform, and was lauded for its effective aerodynamic improvements.

Lucra Cars’ LC470 is a featherweight track monster with ridiculous V8 power

Lucra Cars specializes in lightweight track cars that are also street-legal, and the new LC470 is its biggest star. Unlike some of its competitors, which use boosted four-bangers to provide power, the 2000-pound two-seater enlists a…

Hockenheimring a no-go for this year’s German GP, dropped from the calendar

Formula One head Bernie Ecclestone has been unable to secure the Hockenheim ring for this year’s F1 season. The historic race track was a backup as the Nurburgring organizers were unable to commit to the sport this year.

Handling benchmark Lotus Elise celebrates its birthday with a 20th Anniversary Edition

British sports car maker Lotus is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its renowned Elise roadster. The small and sporty Lotus debuted in the September of 1995 at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Lexus’ 2016 RX is coming to the Big Apple

The 2016 Lexus RX crossover will debut at the 2015 New York Auto Show April 1. The current version is one of Lexus' top sellers, but also indicative of the Toyota luxury brand's problems.

Tesla Model S gets new software to ‘end range anxiety’

The software update Tesla CEO Elon Musk bragged would "end range anxiety" is focused on giving drivers information on charging stations, not improving the electric Model S sedan's efficiency.