Tesla just moved one step closer to SolarCity acquisition

The FTC has approved the Tesla SolarCity Acquisition. There are more steps to go in the process, but the FTC has ruled out antitrust concerns. The SEC still has to review the transaction and shareholders still have to vote.

VW and its U.S. dealers reach proposed settlement over ‘Dieselgate’ scandal

Volkswagen and its U.S. dealers reached a proposed settlement over grievances related to the carmaker's diesel emissions scandal. Under the plan, dealers will get cash payments and other compensation in return for not suing VW.

Uber gives drivers a chance to save for retirement

Uber still considers drivers independent contractors, but will offer app-driven retirement savings account as a benefit. The company promises no related fees for the first year and stresses the convenience of deposits by app.

Volvo built a record-smashing 2,400 HP truck as fast as a Porsche 911

Volvo Trucks has designed and built a one-off big rig called the Iron Knight for the sole purpose of setting speed records. The Iron Knight boasts an upgraded turbo diesel engine, and a lightweight cab.

What about the Pacifica minivan made Google choose it for best self-driving taxi?

From all the vehicle models in the world, why did the Google Self-Driving Car Project choose the Fiat Chrysler Pacifica as the perfect self-driving taxi? It's not because FCA wants to partner with a big player for autonomous car…

Watch out, Tesla: GM’s Opel is launching its own version of the Bolt in Europe

General Motors' Germany-based Opel division has announced plans to launch a re-badged Chevrolet Bolt called Ampera-e. Like the Bolt, the Ampera-e will be capable of driving for over 200 miles on a single charge.

Tesla quietly raises the price of its Autopilot driver-assist system

Tesla quietly raised the price of its Autopilot system amid the launch of new 100D versions of the Model S and Model X. Other than the $500 price hike, the system remains unchanged.

Uber beaten by Singapore’s NuTonomy in race to launch first driverless taxi service

Uber is planning to launch a self-driving taxi service in a few weeks but NuTonomy has beaten the ride-hailing company to it. Claiming to be the first service of its kind in the world, NuTonomy has six autonomous cabs tootling…

FordPass now lets you reserve a parking spot with a few taps of your smartphone

Ford's diverse FordPass mobility service is adding a feature that allows users to book and pay for parking using a Ford-managed smartphone app. It's available in 160 U.S. cities.

Want a HUD in your motorcycle helmet? Livemap survives where Skully crashed

Are connected motorcycle helmets the future? After the disaster that was Skully, a Russian inventor may have a better way to see the road ahead for riders. We took a look at his latest prototype.

Last batch of cars announced for Forza Horizon 3 includes 'Top Gear' classic

Turn 10 has announced the last batch of cars coming to Forza Horizon 3. They include the 1972 Reliant Supervan III as well as the 1946 Ford Super Deluxe Station Wagon

New study shows 1 in 6 new cars must be electric to meet emissions standards

A new study by the World Energy Council shows that one in six new cars sold needs to be electric to meet new, stricter emissions standards. This means that governments and car manufacturers need to ramp up production immensely.