If you'd ever wanted to order a car a la carte, the Mirrow Provocator promises the chance

The Mirrow Provocator is a concept car in a graphic design stage that can hold four passengers with luggage and park perpendicular to the sidewalk. Conceived as a city or "business" car, the concept offers a la carte component and option…

Lyft and drivers must wait for final hearing to see if $27 million is enough

So far Lyft and its drivers have accepted the company's $27 million settlement offer, more than twice the previous $12.5 million. Lyft drivers will remain contractors. With drivers, the judge, and Lyft so far on board, the final hearing is…

Audi wants its driverless cars to drive like more humans

Audi is training its autonomous cars to drive more like humans for the comfort of passengers and other drivers on the road. Just because computer-controlled cars can move more precisely and quicker than human-driven cars doesn't mean they…

GM can’t sell or deliver some of its SUVs, putting a hold on sales

GM ordered dealers to halt delivery of 2016 models including the Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Acadia, and Buick Enclave SUVs because of an 'inadvertent error" in over-stating EPA fuel economy on window stickers.
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Forget driverless cars, London is going to test automated pods as a public transportation option

The London borough of Greenwich is set to be a test site for the GATEway project's driverless public transportations pods. Anyone can apply to be a part of the trials, and survey data is also being collected to analyze popular…

Simpler, more elegant, and safer car dashboards are coming sooner than you might think

With a major shift to single-screen, adaptable and custom-configurable car virtual dashboards, old-fashioned dials and gauges are on the way out. Upgradable car information, control, and entertainment systems will help cars stay current.

Toyota Land Cruiser Emergency Network passes cell calls to emergency responders

Toyota Land Cruisers, ubiquitous in the Australian outback, serve as an emergency communications network, in an area covering over 19,000 square miles. Each vehicle has a cell range of about 15 miles and signals are passed to…

SmartCradle uses data from your smartphone to make you a safer driver

The SmartCradle can turn an iPhone or Android smartphone into a dash cam. By tapping into the phone's GPS and accelerometer, the companion app will provide drivers with data about their driving habits, which could make them safer drivers.

Apple bets big on Uber's biggest competitor in China with a $1 billion investment

Apple invested $1 billion in Didi Chuxing, a Chinese ride-hailing service and Uber's main competition in the country. Apple's big bet in China fuels rumors that the company is interested in the auto industry.

Philadelphia police used a ‘Google Maps’ SUV to read license plates

A police SUV was spotted in Philadelphia with Google Maps decals and two license plate surveillance cameras. The police said the decals are coming off, and they are starting an investigation into why they were on the vehicle in the first…

This electric UTV costs more than a BMW 3 Series … is it worth it?

Utah-based Nikola Motor Company plans on building an all-electric UTV called Zero. It hits 60 mph from a stop in three seconds, and it has a 150-mile range, but it's twice as expensive as its main competitors.

Interested in a $20-an-hour job ‘driving’ a Google self-driving car?

Google is hiring driverless car drivers. The company is looking for "vehicle safety specialists" as part of its self-driving car testing. The $20 an hour job requires a clean driving record, no criminal record, a BA or BS, and 40 wpm…