AAA study: Road rage epidemic is worse than we thought

According to a new AAA study, nearly 80 percent of drivers have expressed significant anger, aggression, or road rage in the past year. In addition, 51 percent of drivers admitted to purposefully tailgating.

Consumer Reports joins in asking Tesla to turn off Autopilot, Tesla still says no

Six days after a similar request by Consumer Watchdog, Consumer Reports called Tesla to disable Autosteer and Autopilot. Tesla refused. Tesla will continue to develop, validate, and release technology enhancements.

Ford’s P-51 inspired GT350 Mustang packs plenty of firepower

Ford has revealed the “Ole Yeller” Shelby GT350 Mustang, the most track-ready and road-legal Mustang ever produced. The car is inspired by a P-51D Mustang safety plane and will be auctioned for charity.

It’s ‘pencil down’ day on the Tesla Model 3, according to Musk

The Tesla Model 3 preliminary engineering design phase is due to end this week, as per CEO Elon Musk. With all the attention Tesla has been getting with questions about its Autopilot feature, hitting a production milestone would be a good…

Lamborghini is rewriting the rules on carbon fiber with a crazy new way to make it

After three decades as a pioneer in carbon fiber development, Lamborghini has revealed a quantum leap in composite technology. The new forged composite process allows the automaker to stamp parts from carbon fiber in a fraction of the time…

Ford's latest tech investment is in an autonomous vehicle mapping firm

Ford has announced a major investment in a self-driving startup called Civil Maps. This particular business uses computer maps to create an infrastructure for fully autonomous vehicles to plug in and safely navigate to or from a…

Tesla owners, check your insurance policy — you may be paying too much

A Tesla owner found that his auto insurance premium was too high because the car's VIN incorrectly indicated it had Ludicrous Mode. Software limited performance in Model S and X 60s may have a similar issue.

Ford’s genius co-bots can build cars, make coffee, and even give massages

At a production facility in Cologne, Germany, Ford is using machines called co-bots to help fit shock absorbers onto Fiestas. The co-bots work alongside humans and can even be programmed to make coffee.

Volvo draws a clear line in the sand on autonomous vehicles

Volvo is adamant that its future autonomous cars will let drivers take control when they want but won't require driver attention in autonomous mode. The company also will assume liability if accidents or injuries happen when the car is in…
Cool Tech

Tesla fanatic? 3D print your own smartphone Supercharger

One Tesla superfan decided to pay homage to Elon Musk's company and its ultra-popular cars in a decidedly Tesla-esque way -- with a 3D-printed smartphone Supercharger. And you can print one yourself.

If the vanilla Subaru WRX STI is still too subtle, try the Series.HyperBlue

For the 2016, Subaru’s top-spec WRX gets a dose of exclusively with the launch of the Series.HyperBlue package. Just 700 examples will make their way stateside.

Saddled with cash, Apple’s automotive ambitions may encompass Formula 1

Apple may be involving itself with the automotive industry more than previously assumed. The latest rumors suggest the tech giant is considering an Formula 1 bid.