Volvo draws a clear line in the sand on autonomous vehicles

Volvo is adamant that its future autonomous cars will let drivers take control when they want but won't require driver attention in autonomous mode. The company also will assume liability if accidents or injuries happen when the car is in…
Cool Tech

Tesla fanatic? 3D print your own smartphone Supercharger

One Tesla superfan decided to pay homage to Elon Musk's company and its ultra-popular cars in a decidedly Tesla-esque way -- with a 3D-printed smartphone Supercharger. And you can print one yourself.

If the vanilla Subaru WRX STI is still too subtle, try the Series.HyperBlue

For the 2016, Subaru’s top-spec WRX gets a dose of exclusively with the launch of the Series.HyperBlue package. Just 700 examples will make their way stateside.

Saddled with cash, Apple’s automotive ambitions may encompass Formula 1

Apple may be involving itself with the automotive industry more than previously assumed. The latest rumors suggest the tech giant is considering an Formula 1 bid.

Watch an electric van smoke a Tesla and a Ferrari in a drag race 0:55

In a just-for-fun drag race, Atieva's 900 horsepower Edna all-electric van smoked a Tesla Model S and an unidentified model Ferrari. Atieva doesn't plan to sell vans, but wanted to show the world how their powertrain test bed…

Jaguar Land Rover launches test fleet of semi-autonomous, connected cars

Over the next four years, Jaguar Land Rover will test autonomous-driving and connected-car technologies with a fleet of 100 cars on public roads in the U.K. The cars will have V2V and some self-driving capability.

Nissan launches ProPilot autonomous-driving system, with plans to bring it to the US

Nissan is launching an autonomous-driving system called ProPilot on the Serena minivan in Japan. The system lets cars autonomously accelerate, steer, and brake, and will eventually come to the U.S.

GoPro LiveVR shows 360-degree view of motorcycle race from rider’s POV

To demonstrate how the Hero4 Black camera could provide unique 360-degree live broadcasts, GoPro created a video that shows its LiveVR technology bringing a new motorcycle racing experience to viewers.

Uber bows out of Hungary, blames new law blocking internet access to dispatchers

Uber announced it suspended services in Hungary over a measure that will block Internet access to its ride-hailing service. The measure, which was passed by Hungary's parliament in June, goes into effect this month.
Health & Fitness

Uber, Relatient team to get you to your doc via Ride to Health program

Rideshare giant Uber is teaming with Relatient medical patient relationship service to provide convenient transportation to medical appointments. During Ride to Health week, August 22-26, patients will get discounted Uber rides.

Fiat Chrysler is calling on hackers to improve the software in its cars

Fiat Chrysler is inviting ethical hackers and security researchers to its bug bounty program on Bugcrowd to find security flaws and vulnerabilities in its vehicle software, with cash prizes of up to $1,500.