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Volvo gets closer to a zero-emission car with its new three-cylinder engine

Currently in testing, Volvo has developed a small-displacement three-cylinder engine for its CMA platform. The 180-hp engine will be part of the brand’s Drive-E hybrids and turbocharged drivetrains.


iXoost’s latest, and most stunning audio dock yet, gets Bluetooth connectivity

Stuck for a present to give the audio-loving car fan this year, and don't mind splashing out? The latest iXoost audio docks, made using F1 exhaust systems, have a Bluetooth connection built-in, and look astounding. But they are expensive.


Car accessories holiday gift guide

Our automotive-obsessed loved ones aren’t always easy to shop for during the holidays. They require more than a heavily-branded car t-shirt or a Pep-Boys gift certificate. Accordingly, we have compiled a list of the best new products that will earn your…

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Infiniti plays the teasing game with its upcoming Q60 Concept

Infiniti has teased the Q60 Concept that will debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January. The silhouette of the Q60 reveals the model’s clean, muscular lines, and will likely closely resemble the production model.


Stifle that yawn! Honda's Accord proves mid-size sedans don't have to be boring

The Honda Accord may not do much to disprove the notion that family sedans are boring, but it is shockingly good to drive. Throw in Honda's build quality and packaging, and the Accord is an excellent consolation prize for growing up.


330-hp Ford Focus RS ready to storm into U.S. showrooms

Caving in to consumer demand, Ford is preparing to sell the Focus RS in the United States for the first time ever. Industry rumors indicate the third-gen RS will be powered by a Mustang-sourced 2.3-liter turbocharged EcoBoost engine that will send up to 330…


Koenigsegg’s U.S.-bound 1,140-hp Agera R targets Bugatti Veyron … and jet fighters

Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg will return to the United States after a brief hiatus with two street-legal models. The first will be the Agera, which packs a V8 rated at over 1,000 horsepower, and the second will be an all-new model.


MINI’s Miata-fighting Superleggera Roadster might be inching closer to reality

MINI just might be working on a production version of its Superleggera Roadster, which debuted earlier this year. Recent patent filings show renderings of an eerily similar vehicle with slight changes to the windshield and mirrors.


Ford Performance confirms Focus RS as part of 12-model blitz

A new Ford Focus RS will be among 12 new performance models Ford plans to launch between now and 2020. The Blue Oval is consolidating its performance operations under one global umbrella.


Hold the Chiron! Bugatti Veyron-based Speedster model may be on the way

Bugatti may be planning a new, Veyron-based model called the Speedster. The vehicle will likely extremely limited in production, and a new report claims it will equip a bespoke body and a 1,500-horsepower hybrid system.