Volvo gives us an early look at its next concept cars

Volvo has released a teaser image that shows its next concept. The model will ride on the new CMA platform, and it will be unveiled alongside a second concept that will preview an upcoming compact car.

6 jaw-dropping gadgets we loved at CES Asia (and your chances of buying them)

With hundreds of companies exhibiting thousands of products to hundreds of thousands of attendees, there’s a lot to see at Shanghai’s CES Asia. Here's the real gems of the show -- technology we’re dying to get our hands on, or in some…

Can this startup revolutionize the trucking industry with an eco-friendly semi?

A Utah-based startup believes it will revolutionize the trucking industry by launching an electric semi. Called One, the truck relies on a CNG-powered turbine to generate electricity when the battery packs run low.

How this man got a new Tundra for free from Toyota

Toyota has just purchased a 2007 Tundra with over a million miles on the clock from its original owner. The company will tear the truck down entirely and look at how various components have held up over time.

Nissan now controls longtime rival and partner Mitsubishi

Nissan has purchased a controlling stake in Mitsubishi. It will invest in its new asset to help the firm overcome its fuel economy cover-up scandal, and Nissan will in turn get a chance to increase its presence in key markets like southeast…

LAPD isn’t ready to add the Tesla Model S to its fleet of patrol cars

Tesla gave the LAPD a pair of Model S P85Ds to test out. The organization considered using the S as a patrol car and as a pursuit vehicle, but it ultimately decided against going electric -- at least for the time being.

An unoccupied Tesla Model S drove itself under a parked trailer. Who’s at fault?

A Utah man's Tesla Model S drove itself under a parked trailer with the Summon feature. Tesla's records show the man activated Summon, he says the car went rogue. The Summon feature is an autopilot mode to park, find available spaces, and…

With Project I, BMW is thinking much bigger than another self-driving car

The concept of autonomous driving has been worked to death in speeches and at trade shows for years. At CES Asia, BMW articulated a far more realized vision of the future, exploring what life might be like a decade or two in the future…

Amazon’s Top Gear competitor finally gets a name

They've been thinking about it for nearly a year, but ex-Top Gear presenters Clarkson, Hammond, and May have finally come up with a name for their Amazon Prime car show – one the e-commerce giant says reflects the "global ambitions" of…

How F1 pit-stop teamwork is helping to save babies’ lives 0:26

A team of medical staff charged with resuscitating babies noticed how their work in many ways mirrored that of speedy pit-stop mechanics, where every second counts. Hoping to improve its own procedures, the hospital contacted the…

Study: THC blood tests not a reliable measure of marijuana impairment

With a threatening increase in marijuana-related traffic fatalities, blood THC levels have been found ineffective in measuring impairment. Roadside sobriety tests aren't conclusive either, so new effective and accurate impairment measures…

Abarth’s reloaded Fiat 500 is a scorpion with a meaner sting

Fiat's eight-year-old Abarth 500 benefits from minor updates inside, outside, and under the hood. It gets a face-lift, and its turbo four has been tweaked to provide a little bit more power.