No surprises as first driver-assistance tests begin — cars with more tech did better

The first objective third-party autonomous car test shows that cars with more advanced driver assistance score better, as expected. The playing field won't be level until more cars have advanced assistance features.

If you stay in hotels often enough you may never need to pay for Uber again

Uber has partnered with the Kaligo hotel booking service. You can earn free Uber rides with every hotel stay booked through Kaligo's loyalty-based booking service lets you choose which program to link to each booking.

Didi Chuxing introduces new safety features to protect passengers in China

The biggest ride-hailing app in China is doing a little more to put its enormous customer base at ease. Didi Chuxing recently unveiled an SOS button that lets passengers send an alert to their emergency contacts.

Brabus tunes Smart's tiny Fortwo and Forfour

Smart turned to German tuner Brabus to give its Fortwo and Forfour more attitude. Known for its work on Mercedes-Benz cars, Brabus did what it could to make the Smart cars sportier.

Win the LAAS Top Ten Automotive Startups Challenge and visit this famous island

LAAS is offering the winner of its Top Ten Automotive Startups Challenge a free ride to Richard Branson's privately-owned island in order to compete in 2016's Extreme Tech Challenge.

Is Audi’s V8 engine an endangered species?

Audi's new V8 engine could be its last, according to an inside source. The company is shifting towards electrified drivetrains, and it will be difficult to justify the cost of developing another new V8.
Cool Tech

Highway being built in Paris is meant for bicyclists and bicyclists only

There's a new highway in the works in Paris, but it's not for cars. Rather, the 28-mile stretch of open road is meant exclusively for cyclists, but it's being opened a very little bit at a time.

2017 Ford Super Duty’s adaptive cruise control can handle a 31,500-pound trailer

The 2017 Ford Super Duty is available with adaptive cruise control that works even while towing a trailer. It's one of many tech features Ford piled onto the Super Duty in this latest redesign.

Is China’s sun-powered car the future, or vaporware?

A Chinese company named Hanergy has developed a car that runs on sunlight. Using thin-cell solar panels, it will store enough electricity for a 50-mile drive after spending six hours in the sun.

Nissan makes the Pathfinder more user-friendly for the 2017 model year

Nissan has made a handful of updates to the Pathfinder for the 2017 model year. It gets a sharper-looking front end, a more powerful V6 engine, and a more tech-focused interior with a new infotainment system.