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See Batman riding around on Joker’s custom car in the Suicide Squad movie

A local Florida news channel spoke to the creator of Joker's sleek, purple sports car seen in clips from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie and found out what went into making the infamous villain's new ride.

Koenigsegg vs. the ‘holy trinity:’ Sweden comes out on top in 0-186 mph comparison

In response to a customer question, Koenigsegg has published a press release that compares the performance specs of its cars to those of the Porsche 918 Spyder, Ferrari LaFerrari, and McLaren P1. As it turns out, the Swedish brand stacks up…

Cadillac will make PHEV versions of most models instead of going all-electric … yet

Cadillac will reportedly add plug-in hybrid versions of almost all its models, starting with the CT6 hybrid flagship. The luxury automaker claims PHEV makes more sense than all-electric vehicles at this time.

BMW’s i3 will receive a 25 percent improvement in EV range thanks to new batteries

BMW will upgrade batteries on both its fully electric i3 and range-extending model to offer 124 miles of range. The new lithium ion battery improves range from just under 100 miles currently.

Hyundai's Genesis brand will challenge German's elite with a BMW 3 Series rival

Hyundai's newly launched Genesis luxury brand is reportedly planning a BMW 3 Series rival to step the Korean automaker up to German luxury levels. The new model may also spawn a crossover variant.

Tesla expands the Model X lineup with more affordable (and less capable) models

Tesla has announced plans to launch two additional variants of the Model X crossover. The entry-level model is the 70D, which has a 70kWh battery pack, and the mid-range model is the 90D, with a 90kWh battery pack.

Germany investigates Volkswagen for tax evasion related to CO2 understatement

Volkswagen is under investigation for tax evasion in Germany, relating to understatements of CO2 emissions the company recently admitted to. CO2 emissions determine the rate of taxation in Germany.

Bad-PR magnet Uber just formed a safety advisory board

On Tuesday, the company announced the creation of a safety advisory board, whose purpose is to "navigate safety and security hurdles." It's a small group, but one comprising some pretty impressive names.

The Rezvani Beast X wrings an ungodly 700 horsepower from a 2-liter four-cylinder

The Rezvani Beast X is a new, 700-horsepower version of the already-extreme Rezvani Beast sports car. Just five examples of the Ariel Atom-based Beast X will be made, at over $300,000 each.
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Ford’s ‘Drug Driving Suit’ simulates what its like to drive while you’re high as a kite 2:13

Ford's Drug Driving Suit simulates the effects of driving under the influence of drugs in order to promote sober road safety. By challenging physical ability, attention, and awareness, drivers can experience the dangers of drugged…