Daimler’s Blacklane private driver portal gets set for huge expansion

Already present in more than 200 cities and 400 airports in 50 countries, Daimler Blacklane private car service has just received another financing round to expand even further. Chauffeur service at fixed prices will increase…

Tesla and SolarCity formally engaged as directors approve acquisition

The respective management boards of Tesla and SolarCity approved Tesla's purchase of SolarCity. SEC and shareholder approval are still required. The deal is expected to be concluded in the fall.

Tesla is considering two theories to explain Autopilot-related crash

Tesla discussed two theories on the cause of a fatal crash involving its Autopilot system in a Senate briefing last week. The company denies that Autopilot itself was the cause of the crash.

2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 will have 650hp, according to leaked order guide

The 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 will have 650 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque, according to a leaked order guide. That matches the output of Chevy's Corvette Z06, which uses the same engine as the ZL1.

Uber plans to splash out $500 million on mapping the world

Uber is planning to invest a whopping half a billion dollars in boosting its mapping technology and data, enabling it to rely less heavily on other providers and helping it toward its lofty goal of a ridesharing service using driverless…

Satisfy your wanderlust (and Instagram) with the best vehicle rooftop tents

Camping on the ground is great and all but why not go full modern nomad with a tent mounted on top of your truck or SUV? Here are the best rooftop tents.

Don't go into shock over the repair estimate after an accident with a new car

A wider range of body materials loaded with cameras, sensors, wiring, and radar is driving the costs of new car damage repairs sky high. More often than not, even with simple bumper dings, it's cheaper to replace than repair.

Plug that phone in while you navigate: Our 10 favorite iPhone car chargers

The unspoken crux of almost every mobile device doesn't lie within its functionality, but how long its battery can last. Check out our selection of the best Lightning car chargers, so you'll never have to worry losing power during those…

Uber is not decreasing drunk driving deaths, according to study

Despite Uber survey rider statements that it helps them avoid driving drunk, drunk driving fatalities haven't decreased, study says. It may be too early to measure the effect and University of Oxford researchers will follow up as Uber and…

Not just anyone can drive your Tesla, Elon Musk says — you get to decide

Your Tesla will probably become your most prized possession (once you finally have it), so it's no wonder that you'll want to be extra picky about who you allow behind the wheel. That selection process is built into the Tesla app.

Uber and Didi look to continue their ride-sharing war legally, thanks to new Chinese regulations

Even though Uber and Didi have been butting heads in China, the two ride-sharing services look to do so in a legal manner, if reported new rules are to be believed. The rules will reportedly go in effect in November.