Sure we’ll have self-driving cars soon, but how will it work? Bosch gives us some insight

With autonomous driving coming in some form in the very near future, Bosch has revealed its vision of how we will interface with this tech in our normal lives. The demonstration shows how responsibilities will be shared, and how…

BMW i Remote app revealed for Apple Watch

The BMW i Remote app is now available for the Apple Watch. The app allows owners to monitor their vehicles remotely, and features blended route planning that combines driving and walking directions.

Speedball: Mazdaspeed3 concept could debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show

The long-awaited Mazdaspeed3 could debut as a concept at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show in September, and go into production shortly after. An early report claims it will have a 295-hp turbo engine and all-wheel drive.

Bring only 12 cars, leave only rubber: Our quest to crown Digital Trends' Car of the Year

Six Digital Trends editors brought 12 cars to the 95-degree heat of the Southern California desert and thrashed them over thousands of miles to determine which deserved our prestigious Car of the Year award. These are the brave…

Roush’s supercharged Mustang may be powerful enough to skin a few Hellcats

Famed Mustang tuning house Roush Performance has put out a video of a modified 2015 Mustang hitting the dynamometer sporting a few of its modifications. The result is a measured 747 horsepower delivered to the rear wheels.

Google sees ride sharing, solar power in the future of its self driving car

A Google executive speaking at an annual engineering conference has stated that the company’s autonomous cars hold the key to a future of road safety and innovation. Google predicts that an electric infrastructure and driverless A.I. will…

Los Angeles partners with Waze to push amber alerts and hit-and-run reports to users

Navigation and traffic-alert app Waze has partnered with the city of L.A. to push notifications of hit-and-run and kidnapping incidents to its users. The program will allow for the city’s 1.3 million Waze users to report to the police if…
Movies & TV

The inevitable sequel to Furious 7 will hit theaters April 14, 2017

Vin Diesel announced that the next chapter of the Fast & Furious movie franchise will arrive in theaters April 14, 2017, following the blockbuster success of Furious 7 at the box office.

British company promises road-legal McLaren P1 GTR

The McLaren P1 GTR was designed for track driving only, but a British company promises to offer road-level conversions to individual customers. Not that you'd actually want to drive this beast on public roads.