Analysts lay out conflict between old fogies and youngbloods on self-driving tech

A J.D. Power study shows that younger drivers are more interested in driverless cars than their elders. This will impact the acceptance of the emerging tech as more manufacturers implement autonomous features.
Cool Tech

Mad scientist Colin Furze built a hoverbike and (somehow) didn’t lose his limbs

Backyard inventor and Yotuber Colin Furze made a hoverbike in his garage, flew it around the British countryside, and somehow didn't die loose his limbs.

Can a 310-hp Volkswagen Golf GTI become king of the ‘Ring?

Volkswagen is celebrating the GTI's 40th birthday with a limited-edition model called Clubsport S. Set to bow next week, the Clubsport S will use a turbocharged 2.0-liter four tuned to pump out 310 horsepower.

Ford’s Chevy Bolt rival may be more than a rumor after all

Ford is developing a 200-mile electric car to rival the Chevrolet Bolt EV and Tesla Model S, CEO Mark Fields confirmed during the company's quarterly earnings call. There are no details on the car yet, though.

The Model 3 won’t be Tesla’s entry-level model for long

The recently-unveiled Model 3 won't sit at the very bottom of the Tesla lineup for long. The company is planning on moving downmarket, and it believes that almost everyone will be able to afford its fourth-generation models.

Mitsubishi says it didn’t cheat on U.S. fuel economy tests

After an internal audit, Mitsubishi says its U.S. cars are unaffected by the fuel economy testing "irregularities" found in 620,000 small cars sold in Japan over the last few years.
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It may look like a car, but it's way better for you and the planet

Velomobiles are usually a recumbent tricycle encased in a hard shell. They let bikers tool around even in winter, but the result usually looks like a space ship's escape pod. PodRide, now up for funding on Indiegogo, looks more like a car…
Product Review

Weego Heavy Duty Jump Starter Battery+ Review

Portable power gives you the peace of mind to go further off the grid.

Tesla’s updated Model S just broke an incredible barrier for EVs

The Environmental Protection Agency has officially given Tesla's facelifted Model S 90D a 303-mile range, pushing past the 300-mile threshold for the first time. Critics may have to look for new arguments against using an EV as the main…

Google and Fiat Chrysler in ‘late stages’ of technical partnership talks

A new report claims that Google is in the late stages of technical partnership negotiations with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Google may offer to self its self-driving tech to the Italian automaker.

Uber riders: don’t be late, or it will cost you

In apparent appeasement to its drivers, Uber is testing shorter request cancellation time and new wait time charges. Under the pilot program, ride requests must be cancelled within two minutes and riders are charged if more than two minutes…