Uber Paris came to a screeching halt on Tuesday

Uber is turning the tables ... on itself. To protest regulation changes in Paris that critics claim were made to appease taxi drivers, the transportation giant shut down its services in the French capital for around four hours on Tuesday.

Alfa Romeo denies Giulia delay is due to crash test issues

A recent news report claimed a six-month delay in the launch of the Alfa Romeo Giulia was due to poor performance in internal crash tests, but Alfa vigorously denies this, calling the report "not accurate."

To protect drivers, F1 wants to give cars ‘Halos’

Formula One plans to integrate the "Halo" canopy into car designs beginning with the 2017 season. The feature is meant to protect drivers in open-topped F1 cars from airborne debris.

EasyJet can save 50,000 tons of CO2 annually with a hydrogen-hybrid plane

EasyJet has outlined a plan to save fuel and CO2 by building a plane fitted with a hydrogen fuel cell. The plane runs exclusively on electricity during taxiing, which is when four percent of the fuel used during a flight is burned.

Subaru's next concept hints at what the 2018 Crosstrek will look like

Subaru will travel to the Geneva Auto Show to introduce the XV Concept, which previews the next generation of the XV. Set to go on sale as a 2018 model, the next Crosstrek will be lighter and more efficient than the current model.
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Jackie Chan film crew causes alarm in London with exploding bus stunt

An exploding bus on London's Lambeth Bridge not surprisingly ignited alarm recently. Fortunately, the explosion was just a stunt being filmed for The Foreigner, an upcoming film starring Jackie Chan.

Sprinting up sand dunes and down ditches in Bentley's $232,000 Bentayga

Bentley’s first foray into the SUV realm shows that luxury is not limited to the road.

Mazda’s RX Revival sports car will pack turbocharged rotary magnificance

Mazda is turning up the heat with hints of a turbocharged rotary engine within the production sports car. The RX Vision will be a successor to the Japanese automaker’s iconic RX-7 sports car.

BMW's M division will ride the hybrid wave with new performance models

BMW's M Division has hinted that hybrid power is coming to its M cars in the near future. The tuning house also noted that a full-EV M isn't in the cards until its buyers and fans demand it.

Mercedes-Benz packs S-Class-like luxury features into the V-Class van

Mercedes-Benz has introduced a range-topping version of the V-Class, a mid-size van sold in Europe. Called V-Class Exclusive, the van receives niceties such as leather upholstery, alloy wheels, a panoramic sunroof, and a built-in cooler.

VW attorney says owners will get ‘generous’ compensation

Volkswagen will offer a "generous" compensation package to owners, the attorney in charge of the compensation fund says. But exactly how and when all of this will take place is still unclear.