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Airbus intends to test flying car before the end of the year, CEO says

Airbus Group, the world's second largest aircraft manufacturer is serious about flying cars and will test a prototype in 2017, says its CEO. The urban air mobility division is studying concepts for flying carshare services.

These ambulances can alert drivers of their approach by interrupting loud music

If you like to blast out music while you're driving along, there's a chance you might not hear the siren on an approaching emergency vehicle. A team of researchers in Sweden believes it may have developed a solution.

It's not just miles traveled: Something else causes rising U.S vehicle deaths

Increased miles traveled cannot account for the rise in U.S. traffic fatalities, which so are about eight percent higher in 2016 than 2015. Eight consecutive quarters have seen vehicle deaths rise over the previous year's statistics.

You may soon be able to hail Lyft across the globe, if signs are accurate

Lyft already has international partners, but may be changing course to build its own ridesharing brand internationally. Recent financial reports indicate profitability sooner than Uber.

New Electric GT race series takes Tesla’s Ludicrous mode to the track

A new, one-make race series named Electric GT puts the Tesla Model S on the track. 20 pilots from 10 private teams will compete in identical, ultra-light cars upgraded with bigger brakes and a new suspension system.

Peugeot's new race car takes the first three spots in this year's Dakar Rally

Peugeot has captured the first three spots of the 2017 edition of the Dakar Rally. First place went to Stephane Peterhansel, an experienced French pilot who has won the event 13 times.

The Nevada sun will power Tesla's gigantic 'Gigafactory'

The Tesla Gigafactory will be powered in part by a massive rooftop solar array Tesla says will be the largest of its kind in the world. Tesla hopes to use "100-percent sustainable energy" to power the factory.

Lexus' RC F GT3 will race on two continents in 2017

The Lexus RC F GT3 will compete in two race series on opposite sides of the globe in 2017, one in Japan, the other in the U.S. This marks the first season of competition for Lexus' sporty coupe.

Renault launches two all-electric vans to make bustling cities cleaner and quieter

Renault has launched an all-electric version of the full-size Master van. Designed for big cities, the model is equipped with a 33-kWh battery pack that provides up to 124 miles of range.
Movies & TV

Holy Legos! Batman's Lego Batmobile debuts in Detroit

The Lego Batman movie opens next month, and in advance of the release, fans at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit got to check out a life-sized version of the Dark Knight's ride.

Skip the hotel room and sleep comfortably in your car with these tips and gear

We’ve all seen the Instagram account of the guy with the tricked out Sprinter, complete with custom solar panels, multi-sport racks and off-roading wheels. But you don’t need a decked out camper van to sleep in your car. In fact, with…

USDOT forms wide-ranging blue-ribbon federal automation advisory panel

The U.S. Department of Transportation formed an automation advisory committee whose members include private and public sector leaders from major companies, universities, cities, and advocacy groups.