Looking for a truck? Here are 10 of the best

Pickup trucks have evolved to meet the demands of a shifting marketplace. They now have to compete with cars and crossovers, as well as other trucks. Here are 10 of our current favorites, from the likes of Ford, Chevrolet, and Toyota.

6 underrated Google projects you may have missed

Google had a busy keynote, with the announcement of Google Home, Google Assistant, Android N, two chat apps, a VR platform, and more. But here's a look at some cooler projects that were left out.

Uber drives off with Toyota in latest ride-hailing partnership

In the latest in a series of similar collaborations involving major car companies, Japanese automotive giant Toyota on Tuesday announced a partnership with Uber that'll bring financial investment as well as car-leasing programs, app…

MIT’s NuTonomy aims to bring self-driving taxis to Singapore by 2018

NuTonomy is advancing driverless car technology on many fronts, including retrofitting cars in the U.S. and prepping a fleet of taxis for Singapore. The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company is also testing driverless cars in the…

A majority of buyers may want to put the brakes on driverless cars

A pair of University of Michigan surveys conducted 10 months apart show no change in Americans' feelings toward driverless cars. Only 15 percent want totally driverless cars, with more than half preferring cars with no self-driving…

Gett picks up a $300 million investment from Volkswagen

Staying relevant in the automotive industry seems increasingly tied to the ride-sharing industry, and now, Volkswagen Group has become the latest to join the foray. Volkswagen has made a $300 million strategic investment in Gett.

Volkswagen leverages new battery technology to ease electric vehicle range anxiety

Volkswagen will present an improved version of the e-Golf before the end of the year. Set to arrive later this year, the hatchback will receive a bigger battery pack that will allow it to drive for up to 186 miles on a single charge.
Cool Tech

When traffic snarls up, China’s street-straddling concept bus zooms above it all

How should we sustainably travel shorter distance across congested cities? An innovative public transport design, revisited over the weekend at the 19th international High-Tech Expo in Beijing, might provide a solution.

Renault's next hot hatch could give rivals something to worry about

Renault could take the econobox to new heights with a hot-rodded version of the Clio RS. Set to debut later this week, the faster Clio will allegedly borrow its 275-horsepower engine from the bigger Megane.

Tensions rise as French gas stations run dry

French gas stations are increasingly running out of fuel to sell because protesters are blocking the nation's refineries. The protest makes it difficult for motorists to fill up, and seven police officers have been injured in clashes with…