Cool Tech

A college student turned his Honda Civic into a self-driving car for $700 3:21

As an early beta tester for the self-driving car tech Comma, college student Brevan Jorgenson used the company's software, a 3D printer, and some other tech to turn his Honda Civic into an autonomous car.

Carpool: Waze is getting serious about 'beating rush hour traffic'

Waze is doubling down on its ambition to "beat rush hour traffic" with a major expansion of its carpooling service. Currently operating in San Francisco, Carpool will launch in additional U.S. cities in the coming months.

Aude Lemordant, two-time acrobatics world champion can’t get enough time in the sky

Aude Lemordant is a two-time acrobatics World Champion - piloting Breitling's 330SC aircraft - and a full-time airline pilot for Air France. Even more impressive than her career is her passion for all types of aviation.

ClickMechanic has imagined the Apple Car based on previous Apple hardware

Apple is almost undoubtedly working on its very first passenger car, but official details are unsurprisingly scarce. We’ve compiled all the relevant rumors and evidence about the forthcoming vehicle here.

Like a moose in a tux, Volvo's V90 Cross Country takes city style to the tundra

For 20 years, Volvo's Cross Country wagon have been an alternative to SUVs and crossovers. The brand-new V90 is ready to take the torch.

Ford re-creates the 1976 exciting ‘C’était un Rendez‑Vous’ short film in 360 VR

Ford remade the classic French short film C’était un Rendez‑Vous in 360-degree virtual reality. The original director, Claude Lelouch, helped with the new film, which depicts a Mustang GT Fastback racing through Paris.

Skyrunner is back with a new soaring off-road machine, at a higher price

The SkyRunner all-terrain flying machine will get you high in the sky for an equally sky-high $139,000 price tag. If you have the money, though, there’s no quicker way to get air.

New LS gets the most advanced hybrid drivetrain Lexus has ever developed

Lexus will introduce the hybrid version of the new LS next month at the Geneva Auto Show. The LS 500h receives the same drivetrain as the LC 500h coupe, and it can drive on electricity alone at up to 87 mph.

VW’s Italian design arm wants to make some of the world’s most exclusive cars

Italian design house Italdesign is returning to building low-volume cars. The company will introduce a V10-powered, carbon-fiber-bodied coupe during the Geneva Auto Show, and it will build five examples by the end of the year.

BMW and Mobileye want to crowdsource data for self-driving cars

BMW and Mobileye will collect data from BMW customer cars, and use it to improve digital maps for autonomous vehicles. Data will come from driver-assist systems in 2018 BMW models.

Like smartphones, self-driving tech may prove problematic for road safety

Smartphones and safety just don't mix on the road. Experts worry that things might get worse as autonomous technology like Tesla's Autopilot allows us to take our hands off the wheel even more often than we already do

Cadillac reimagines CUE with cloud-based features, redesigned interface

Cadillac CUE is getting a major overhaul, with changes to the interface and new features like a cloud-based navigation service and customizable user profiles. The new CUE debuts in the 2017 CTS sedan.