This limited-edition BMW M3 celebrates the nameplate’s 30th birthday

BMW is celebrating the M3's 30th birthday with a limited-edition model called 30 Years Edition. Just 500 examples of the commemorative M3 will be built, and it doesn't sound like BMW will offer the sedan on our shores.

This is what a 21st-century Skoda coupe would look like

Volkswagen's Skoda division has introduced a coupe called Atero that's based on the Rapid hatchback. Billed as merely a concept, the Atero was built by 26 Skoda apprentices over the course of 1,700 hours.

Tesla gains one million miles of self-driving data every 10 hours

With constant cellular connectivity, Tesla gathers data continuously and tests new features in cars sold to the public, but drivers always are in control. The company gathers data based on how the autonomous features would work if on…

Michigan takes the lead in the race to support driverless cars on public roads

Bills to let driverless cars travel Michigan roads are backed by both political parties and supported by the DOT and economic development officials. As Silicon Valley and Detroit work together on autonomous cars, the state intends to be…

Weekly Rewind: Memorial Day driving tips, Google vs. Oracle, and a cure for HIV

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on, in fact, that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech…

City buses are trying harder not to kill people

As excited as New Yorkers may be about the brand new fleet of tech-forward city buses, they can take even more pride in advances the MTA is pursuing at a very basic level -- keeping people safe.

Mercedes-Benz home battery systems pricing is now public

With plans to start selling the Mercedes-Benz home energy solution in other European countries, the company has announced installed system pricing including the required inverter. Daimler says most users want backup power convenience.

How to watch (and appreciate) the Indy 500, the ‘greatest spectacle in racing’

The Indy 500 celebrates its 100th running this year, so what better time to learn a little bit more about this iconic race? We’ve got everything you need to know about the Indy 500 right here.

Mercedes-AMG GT S not quick enough? A hotter GT R version is headed to Goodwood

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is coming up in June, and the annual racing event often hosts the world premieres of new sports cars. This year, Mercedes-AMG’s hardcore GT R will make its global debut.

Revealed: The greatest Formula One driver of all time

Formula One racing is the most popular motorsport in the world, and the series has crowned 66 champions over the years. The legacies of its top drivers are hotly debated, but now science has given us the greatest F1 driver of all time.