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The secret to getting hired at Uber? Remotely carjacking a Jeep

As far as unique resumes go, having the line "wirelessly jacked a Jeep from 10 miles away" will certainly get you noticed, and that's exactly what Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek did last month. Now, they work for Uber.


Arro is the latest cab-hailing app to try and topple Uber

Watch out, Uber, the competitors are coming. Arro just launched in New York City with a promise not to rely on surge pricing during busy periods, and the app is coming to more cities soon.


Crazy driver? Self-driving cars are learning your habits on the road

Thanks to the work of Katherine Driggs-Campbell of University of California, Berkeley, self-driving cars may one day soon be able to predict when human drivers will change lanes on the road.


How a track stand can confuse Google’s self-driving car

If you really want to cause problems for an autonomous vehicle trundling around your local streets, try performing a track stand on your bike — here's one encounter reported by a cyclist.


Unleash the Beast: Go behind the scenes with Rezvani’s 500-hp carbon fiber supercar

Rezvani Motors has released a new behind-the-scenes video of its Beast supercar. The short film was shot by Integrity Media, and shows the 500-horsepower vehicle in all its glorious, smoky action.


Subaru’s 2016 BRZ sports car gets a $300 price cut and adds new standard equipment

Subaru has announced pricing and specs for its 2016 model year BRZ, which drops to $26,190 while adding new standard features. At $300 less than the 2015 model, Subaru adds a 6.2-inch infotainment system for all trims.


Designed for South Africa, Hyundai’s first N-badged model is a warm hatch at best

Hyundai has introduced the very first member of its long-awaited N sub-brand. Designed for South Africa, the i20 N gets very minor mechanical upgrades, a new suspension setup, and a more aggressive look thanks to a full body kit and alloy wheels.


British tuner Kahn Design turns the retro dial up to 11 with a 1930s-inspired sports car

Kahn Design is putting the final touches on an open-top sports car dubbed Speed 7. Inspired by Grand Prix racers of the 1930s, the Speed 7 boasts wouldn't look out of place in a black and white photo of the 1937 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


Acura's luxurious RLX Sport Hybrid is the ultimate antidote to hybrid naysayers

Acura’s RLX sport sedan get the hybrid treatment, but does the promise of fuel saving also mean a sacrifice of performance?

  • Pros: Top of the line hybrid technology , Luxurious Interior…
  • Cons: Road noise higher than expected

In the future, buying a car involves no pressure, no lies, no leisure suits

The days of toupee-wearing crooks picking your pocket for every last cent are coming to a close as the Internet drives car dealers toward transparency and convenience.


Jeep’s Grand Cherokee Trackhawk will punish performance SUV rivals at half their price

FCA has revealed that the upcoming Jeep Gran Cherokee Trackhawk will outperform all of its performance SUV rivals. Its supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V8 will develop 707 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque.


Dodge revealed its all-new Charger and Barracuda Convertible to its dealers in Las Vegas

Dodge showed its all-new Charger and a Barracuda convertible to its dealers in Las Vegas, NV. Both vehicles will be based on the new Alfa Romeo Giulia's lightweight rear-wheel drive platform.