Muscle cars do poorly in IIHS crash tests

IIHS crash tests of a Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, and Dodge Challenger produced mixed results. All three cars showed significant deficiencies in at least one area, and none earned top rankings.

Goluk T1 dash cam shares road trip videos instantly to favorite social networks

The Goluk T1 is a new dash cam that doubles as an outdoor action camera. It can be mounted to a variety of devices and instantly saves clips with a single button press to the Goluk App, where they can be shared with a…

The biggest Mini to date is a contradiction, but not a disappointment

As Mini continues to move away from its go kart-like origins with increasing dimensions and heft, the Clubman focuses on pragmatism over performance prowess.

How do you follow perfection? Bugatti’s Galibier sedan could come after the Chiron

In a recent interview, Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer revealed that his company is considering four alternatives for a follow-up to the Chiron. One of those choices is the long-rumored Galibier sedan.

US diesel engine vehicle sales are down, but the market is still poised for growth

Despite dieselgate, light vehicles with diesel engines are expected to double their market share in the next five years. Sales in 2016 will be down because of the VW scandal, but as soon as gasoline prices rise, so will diesel car sales.

Lyft may soon let you book rides up to 24 hours in advance

Lyft is testing a feature that could finally let customers book rides in advance. The feature is currently only being tested by Lyft employees, but could be opened up to customers in the near future.

GM to compensate SUV buyers up to $100M total for fuel economy discrepancies

As a result of misstated fuel economy on the window stickers of about 60,000 midsize SUVs, General Motors is going to compensate previous buyers with debit cards or extended warranties.

The cream of the four-door crop: 10 best sedans on the market

Sedans are one of the most popular ways to get you and your family from A to B, but not all four-doors are created equal. Here are our picks for the best sedans of 2016, whether you're looking for a budget automobile or your dream machine.

A modified Tesla Model S will take on the Pikes Peak Hill Climb next month

A Tesla Model S will race in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb June 26. It will be entered by Go Puck CEO Blake Fuller, who plans to make some modifications to the electric car, including a lighter battery pack.

Uber riders are more likely to pay surge pricing when their phones are dying

Weirdly enough, if your phone's battery is nearing death, you're much more likely to be OK with Uber's surge pricing than when the battery is just fine. That's according to Uber's own stats collected from its users' smartphones.
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Remember the iBot? The stair-climbing wheelchair may make a comeback

Remember the iBot? No, it wasn't a posterior-based Apple gadget that failed to take off. It was actually a motorized wheelchair with several tricks up its sleeve. High costs ended production in 2009, but a recent deal means it…