You can now shop for car insurance by chatting with a bot on Facebook Messenger

Insurify wants you to chat with its artificial intelligence bot on Facebook Messenger the next time you are looking for car insurance. Answer some questions and you will get a list of select quotes to compare.

Tesla is doing away with its two least expensive Model S cars

Last week, Tesla began emailing folks who had previously expressed interest in the Model S 60 and 60D, noting that the least expensive members of the Tesla family will soon be discontinued.

Volvo and UberEats want to bring you dinner in the backseat of an XC90

All Star Restaurant will stop at a number of the city's best restaurants. But instead of going into the restaurant, you'll consume salads, soups, fish, steaks, desserts, and more, all from the backseat of the XC90.

What if you could pay for your next car as easily as scanning grocery items?

After you choose a car and fill out legal forms, you can drive your new car directly to a self-service checkout to pay for it. But there is a catch: Your vehicle purchase can't be financed and can't be for more the $62,000.
Cool Tech

Kalashnikov, the maker of the AK-47, is now making a 20-ton unmanned combat vehicle

In an interview with Russian media, the CEO of the company behind one of the world's most famous guns said that his company is now in the process of creating a new unmanned combat vehicle.

Ride sharing showdown: Should you grab an Uber, or hail a Lyft?

Uber and Lyft have changed the way people get from A to B, and while these ride-sharing companies provide the same service on paper, they operate in different ways. Here, we breakdown the major differences between the two.

LeEco reportedly sells its Silicon Valley HQ less than a year after buying it

It's no secret that LeEco is struggling to make waves in the U.S., but the results have so far been somewhat under wraps. According to reports, the company recently sold its Silicon Valley headquarters less than a year after buying it.

All dressed up and ready to ride: Touring motorcycles for long hauls in comfort

If you're looking for a new motorcycle for your next cross-country trip, this year's lineup spans many makes and models. Thankfully, each of these full-dressers represents a welcome combination of form and function.

Our favorite motorcycles for beginners will get you out on the road this spring

Few vehicles encapsulate open road freedom like a motorcycle, but you have to start somewhere. From cruisers to three-wheelers, here are our picks for the best motorcycles for beginners.

Tesla fires up production of pre-series Model 3 prototypes

Tesla has shared more information about the upcoming Model 3, including its ability to go more than 250 miles on a single charge. The Chevy Bolt competitor will also be far cheaper than the Model S, which will open the brand to new buyers.

Watch BAC’s crazy Mono sports car get sideways on a frozen Swedish lake

The open-top, single-seat BAC Mono isn't the ideal winter car, but that didn't stop BAC from taking three of them to a frozen Swedish lake to entertain customers with some sideways action.