Bentley's Mulsanne Speed is a private jet that just happens to have 4 wheels

The Bentley Mulsanne Speed is a driver-focused limousine. That sounds like an oxymoron, but the flagship is as luxurious as it is fast.

With some help from CGI, the shape-shifting Blackbird can look like any car

The Blackbird is a fully adjustable vehicle rig that can alter its chassis to match the dimensions of nearly any car. The Blackbird can then be re-skinned with CGI to look like just about anything for advertisements.

Lawsuit alleges Chevrolet Cruze Diesel used illegal software on emissions tests

A class-action lawsuit filed this week alleges the Chevrolet Cruze Diesel used a Volkswagen-like "defeat device" to cheat on emissions tests. General Motors denies the suit's claims.

Jeep owners file suit over rollaway recall

Claiming Fiat Chrysler didn't sufficiently warn owners of the danger of a transmission recall, Jeep Grand Cherokee owners filed suit in federal court. The suit was filed four days after actor Anton Yelchin's Grand Cherokee caused his death…

Leaked images show a Porsche Panamera that rights the original model’s wrongs

Porsche is preparing to introduce the new second-generation Panamera. Equal parts evolutionary and revolutionary, the next Panamera will gets a sleeker-looking design, a high-tech cabin, and a new V8 engine.

As an energy infrastructure company that also sells cars, Tesla enters a new phase

Creating a sustainable, clean energy company reflects Tesla CEO's long-term business plan. Tesla cars will spur the e-car market. More electric cars on the road, regardless of brand, will create demand for a convenient home energy source.

How Seattle is shaping the future of Lamborghini's performance cars

Lamborghini has opened a carbon-fiber research center in Seattle, a stone's throw from partner Boeing's headquarters. Called ACSL, it will make breakthroughs in carbon-fiber technology that will benefit future Lamborghini models.

Elite technology elevates Mercedes' new E-Class from luxurious to brilliant

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class combines semi-autonomous genius with frugal engineering and driving precision to elevate the midsize luxury sedan class.

How much do Uber drivers really make?

Because ride-share drivers are considered contractors and cover their own expenses, being an Uber driver isn't a strong career path. Recent calculations for three cities indicated that drivers earn from $8.77 to $13.17 an hour after…

Want to see what 53-billion pixels looks like? Bentley constructs image as big as a football field

Sure, you could use the tech developed by NASA to take photographs of Mars for scientific applications, but wouldn't it be more fun to shoot a luxury car with it? Bentley just unveiled a 53 billion pixel for an ad -- and it's pretty cool.