You’ll never guess how much the ‘Wayne’s World’ AMC Pacer sold for

The 1976 AMC Pacer from Wayne's World hit the auction block at the Barrett-Jackson event in Last Vegas. It sold for an unprecedented amount of money for a car of this type. The "Mirth-Mobile" was restored to the same specifications it was…

Uber wants to be the big ride on campus, gives 4 reasons why it should be

Uber positions itself as the safe and efficient go-to transport solution for college students. On campus and off, Uber wants your business. Separately the rideshare company pitches itself as the "perfect" job for college students.

Tesla scores auto industry best ‘consumer experience’ in global study

Tesla tops all other car makers in 'consumer experience' in global study. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Ferrari were the next three. The four brands were the only car makers in the top 30 of all brands. Pampers was first.

Porsche is going electric, but the flat-six isn’t going away

Porsche is making significant investments in electrification. The company now sells two hybrids and it's developing an all-electric sedan, but flat-four and -six engines are here to stay.

Real-world emissions tests will result in larger engines

European car makers shrank engines to meet emissions standards, but testing didn't account for real-world engine loads. Engines will get bigger in order to meet normal performance expectations without the heavier engine loads that boost…

Proposed legislation will give EV commuters incentive of $250 per month

Under the proposed Electric Vehicle Credit Act, employers could give electric car commuters a $250 per month pre-tax benefit. The benefit would apply to employees who commute with electric cars, motorcycles, and three-wheelers.

Germany tells Telsa drivers to pay attention and follow instructions

The German government wrote Tesla owners in Germany telling them Autopilot is for driver assistance only and to follow the manufacturer's instructions. The Federal Motor Authority reiterated drivers should stay alert, drive safely, and keep…

Weekly Rewind: Massive Prius recall, Note 7 woes get worse, and more

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories from…

Volkswagen’s fuel-sipping, tech-packed 2017 Golf to debut in early November

Volkswagen has announced that a heavily revised Golf will debut in early November. Though it will technically be a mid-cycle refresh, we expect the new Golf to introduce new hybrid powertrains and infotainment tech.
Car Review

2017 Volvo S90 T6 Review

Safe, luxurious, and packed with tech, Volvo's S90 is a Swedish stunner.

Honda Civic Si, Alfa Romeo SUV, and more on deck for 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show

The 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show will include more than 50 car debuts, according to organizers. Among the highlights will be Alfa Romeo's SUV, the Honda Civic Si, and a host of tech announcements.

Stone-cold supercar: McLaren's ice driving program promises thrills and chills

McLaren is the latest automaker to offer an ice driving experience. This January, participants will able to fling a 570S around a frozen Finnish test track north of the Arctic Circle.