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Audi shows a mysterious last-gen A3 Cabriolet with six doors and eight seats

Audi has published images of a mysterious last-gen A3 Cabriolet that has been stretched and fitted with two extra sets of doors. The car asks more questions than it answers, but odds are it was built by a team of young Audi apprentices in Germany.


Jeep Wrangler Popemobile to ferry Pope Francis on U.S. Trip

A Jeep Wrangler will reportedly be used to transport Pope Francis on his upcoming U.S. trip. a Wrangler was previously used on a visit to Ecuador, and could be the perfect vehicle for a U.S. visit.


Will a new modular platform be the basis for nearly all future Ferraris?

Ferrari may use a new modular platform to underpin most future production models, potentially saving development costs. The Italian carmaker may also reshuffle its engine lineup to increase fuel efficiency.


Toyota drifts the hydrogen-powered Mirai during the ADAC Rally Deutschland

Toyota has built a custom-designed Mirai that's being used as a stage opener during the ADAC Rally Deutschland. The hydrogen-powered sedan is fitted with performance brake pads, rally tires, bucket seats for the front passengers, and a roll cage.


Audi’s next A7 will get a more emotional look and it could spawn a four-door sedan

Audi says the A7 is positioned too close to the A6, so the company has major changes in store for the next-gen model. Set to arrive in 2017, it will be bigger, more high-tech and more distinctive-looking, and it could spawn a four-door sedan.


Henrik Fisker is ready to try his hand at a new automotive company targeting millennials

Henrik Fisker, the designer behind iconic Aston Martin designs and Fisker Automotive's Karma EV says he's ready to start a new automotive company. The focus of his new company will be on millennials.


Dodge said to be forced to give up its HEMI V8s in favor of smaller turbocharged engines

Due to emissions regulations, Dodge may be forced to give up its HEMI V8 engines in favor of smaller, more frugal turbocharged ones. By 2019, supercharged and naturally-aspirated V8's will be replaced.


Stories you missed this week: An Apple Music festival, bizarre bike pedals, and more

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that happens in the tech world. That's why, we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from this week — just for you.


Apple’s latest hire is another piece in the jigsaw for the Apple Car

The rumors that Apple is building something that fits in with self-driving car technology refuse to go away, and the company's recent hires are a good indication of its future plans.


Meet the man who sculpted the softer side of Ford’s hardcore 2016 GT

Ford’s 2016 GT may be known for its wicked exterior styling, but Interior Design Manager Bill Mangan had to make sure it’s as fun to sit in as it is to look at.


The American Way: Confederate Motors unveils the G2 P51 Combat Fighter

Confederate Motors has introduced the second-generation P51 Combat Fighter motorcycle. As with all of Confederate’s machines, the G2 version will be custom designed for each owner.


Do bolt-on performance parts really work? Not the way you hoped.

Aftermarket car-part manufacturers would love to sell you expensive parts you can merely bolt on and drive, but do these types of performance modifications really produce any gain in modern cars?


Kia’s 2016 Sportage gets a fresh face, engines, and premium attitude

Kia's 2016 Sportage crossover leaks online ahead of its reveal with new corporate styling and engines. The fourth-generation Sportage's underpinnings are shared with the redesigned Hyundai Tucson.