Uber Movement is a newly released treasure trove of data for city officials

On Sunday, the San Francisco-based company made available a tome of data based upon countless rides taken by its millions of customers each and every day. It was launched on a new website called “Uber Movement.”

Beware the Yellow Night: Mercedes-Benz reveals new special edition for 2018 GLA45 AMG

Mercedes-Benz has revealed its refreshed 2018 GLA lineup ahead of their introduction at the 2017 Detroit Motor Show. The subcompact model also gets a Yellow Night edition offered on GLA45 and CLA45 AMG versions.

Minor styling tweaks hide big changes for Ford’s 2018 F-150 truck

The 2018 Ford F-150 gets a host of upgrades for the new model, including everything from a first-ever diesel engine to a built-in Wi-Fi hot spot. The 2018 F-150 debuts at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show.

Tour the top booths of CES 2017 in full 360-degree video

Join us as we tour some of the biggest booths at CES in VR. We've captured 360-degree footage of many hot new products, and talk about some of the trends that they represent.

Please let this be real. Riding along in Faraday Future’s FF 91

Faraday Future’s “game changer” status is pending, but the potential for a great car is substantial from our first ride along in the ambitious EV.

In AT&T’s smart city future, cars talk to each other and play nice

At this year's CES, Joe Mosele of AT&T Mobility spoke with Digital Trends about why every car on the road needs to communicate with one another, the importance of a federal mandate to make all cars connected, and more.
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DT Daily: CES 2017 highlights include robotic wheels, chip injections, and 5G 21:22

The second day of the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 has Digital Trends' experts discussing chip injections, fast-charging 5G chips, and a robot that throws tennis balls for your pet when you're not home.

Digital Trends Top Tech of CES 2017 Award Winners

The new year had barely arrived when the Digital Trends team rolled into Las Vegas, but we wasted no time prowling the Las Vegas Convention Center for the gadgets that will come to define tech in 2017. With more than 2.6 million square feet…

Tesla fires up its Nevada Gigafactory for Model 3 battery production

Tesla has shared more information about its upcoming Model 3 sedan, including its claimed range of 250 miles or more on a charge. The Chevy Bolt competitor will be far cheaper than the Model S will open the brand to new buyers.

Corning’s CES show car proves Gorilla Glass isn’t just for your phone

At CES 2017, Corning debuted its Connected Car concept fitted with Gorilla Glass. Thinner, lighter, and clearer than normal glass, Gorilla Glass also permits augmented reality options such as vivid head-up displays.

Watch: Pioneer says truly self-driving cars are still 30-40 years away 13:02

We chatted with Pioneer's Ted Cardenas, the vice president of marketing in the company's car electronics division, about the future of our vehicles, particularly when it comes to self-driving technology.

Volkswagen demos new displays, personalization features at CES 2017

Volkswagen brought a gaggle of new tech features to CES 2017, including more-elaborate versions of its Digital Key and Virtual Cockpit systems, and Amazon Alexa voice-control integration.