Electric vehicles available now could replace 90 percent of cars used today, study says

A four-year MIT study of nationwide driving behavior concludes today's relatively short-range electric cars could replace 90 percent of current vehicles. The cost of purchase and operation would be the same but emission would be cut by 30…

Land Rover’s 2017 Range Rover Sport is as high-tech as it is capable off-road

Land Rover has added an array of tech features to the Range Rover Sport for the 2017 model year. The SUV also receives a brand new infotainment system that's more intuitive than before.

Mercedes to maximize electric car driving range with active aerodynamics

Electric car wind resistance can significantly affect driving range. Mercedes hints broadly it will use active aerodynamics with electric cars. Weight reduction and active aerodynamics will both factor in improving Mercedes electric car…

Replacing bus lines with Uber and Lyft seems like a good idea to two U.S. cities

Cities in Florida and Colorado are testing ride-hailing services Uber and Lyft to replace selected bus lines. The cities are trying to save money but there are questions about how well the public is served with private-hire ride services.

Volkswagen could face criminal charges in the U.S.

While it may seem that everyone is investigating Volkswagen, the Department of Justice reportedly has enough evidence to support criminal charges. Whether those charges will be filed or negotiated remains to be decided.

No steering wheel, no pedals, no driver: Ford's autonomous car is coming in 2021

Ford announced that it will produce a fully autonomous car for ridesharing hailing companies in 2021. The cars will not utilize a steering wheel, gas pedal, brake pedal, or driver.

LG is helping Cadillac build more elegant-looking interiors

Cadillac will introduce a brand new design study in a few days during the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. The yet-unnamed model will give provide a glimpse into what the Cadillac of tomorrow will look like.

Velodyne just got $150 million from Ford and Baidu to develop its lidar tech

What could possibly bring an American car manufacturer and a Chinese search engine giant together? Self-driving car technology, of course. Ford and Baidu have raised $150 million to drive development of Velodyne's lidar sensors.

Audi’s traffic-light information system counts down to green lights

This fall, Audi will launch a system that tells drivers when traffic lights are about to change. But it will only work in select cities that are equipped with networked traffic lights.

These Master & Dynamic headphones will make the exquisite Aston Martin DB11 come alive

Master & Dynamic headphones are to be sold alongside Aston Martin cars. What's more, the headphones will be used to complete a virtual test drive experience in a DB11, and the two companies will work on products and technologies together in…

It turns out Uber drivers are abused more often than passengers are

Uber drivers are more likely to be abused or attacked by passengers than the other way round, says the company. Riders can be banned due to driver ratings. Uber also works closely with police when incidents occur.