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Ford announces partnership to develop ‘low-cost, high-volume’ carbon fiber

Ford has announced a new collaboration to research and develop high-volume, low-cost carbon fiber. The partnership includes Ford, carbon supplier DowAksa, and the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation.


Rolls-Royce promises to take the Spirit of Ecstasy off-roading with upcoming SUV

Putting an end to a long-standing rumor, Rolls-Royce has confirmed that it is developing its first-ever SUV. The company explains that overwhelming demand from prospective buyers convinced it to move forward with the project.


Not just futuristic, NissanConnect also complements Nissan's cutting-edge exterior designs

NissanConnect continues a theme of high quality infotainment from mass-market automakers. Its high-tech capabilities and aesthetics match up nicely with the latest generation of…

  • Pros: Excellent features , Good boot and response time , Usable…
  • Cons: Slightly below average touchscreens

Toyota announces range-topping ‘Invincible X’ version of the Hilux pickup

Toyota has announced the ‘Invincible X’ version of the Hilux truck for the U.K. market. The new range-topper is based on the ‘Invincible’ trim but with added styling options like new 17-inch alloys, chrome surrounds, and exclusive interior trim.


Land Rover labors to restore a lost love with the best Valentine’s day gift ever

As part of its farewell campaign to the Defender, Land Rover surprised four college friends with a restoration of their Series 1 Land Rover for Valentine’s Day. The inoperable utility vehicle had its engine and chassis rebuilt, but retained its various…


Au revoir! Paris set to ban pre-2011 cars from city center by 2020

The government of Paris has announced plans to remove a large number of cars from its city center by putting restrictions on vehicles registered past certain years. Older commercial vehicles will be targeted first, with cars and motorcycles being increasingly…


Lame name aside, Mazda Connect offers excellent features and an intuitive design

Mazda has been making a name for itself with stylish and dynamic new cars, but it hasn't left the tech out of its revitalization. Mazda's new infotainment suite, lamely named Mazda…

  • Pros: Excellent ergonomics , Intuitive interface , High quality…
  • Cons: Slow to boot up

F1 driver Sebastian Vettel on the Ferrari FXX K: ‘Mamma mia! It goes like a rocket!’

Ferrari has posted a video of Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel testing the FXX K around the Fiorano test track in Maranello, Italy. The FXX K is a track-only hypercar that costs $2.7 million and is already sold out.