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With hype-devouring fans and copycat features, Tesla has become the Apple of cars

Tesla's newest car, the all-wheel drive P85D Model S, is being compared to various supercars, but it should be compared to the Apple iPhone 5S. It's further evidence Tesla's closely following Apple's business strategy, and to great effect.


On track or highway, Volvo’s V60 Polestar is as unrelenting as it is unassuming

With its new performance partner, Polestar, Volvo is trying to take on the Germans. If the 350-horsepower, 155-mph V60 Polestar is any example of what they are capable of, Volvo and Polestar might just be able to do it - and with a wagon to boot.


Ferrari’s F60America wraps a big V12 in the Stars and Stripes

Ferrari has announced the limited F60America version of its F12 Berlinetta, and it’s a beauty. Although mechanically similar to the F12, the F60America is a convertible, and features unique patriotic livery inside.


The Dartz Kombat Gold is 24 karats and 6,600 pounds of pure, unadulterated hubris

Some cars make you say, “Wow!” while others just make you say, “Why?” The Dartz Kombat Gold is one of the latter, with a square, awkward appearance, gold paint, and 7 centimeters of body armor.


Kia’s come a long way, but can its GT fastback challenge the Audi A7 and Porsche Panamera?

Kia is, if nothing else, ambitious. It's gone from making lamentable economy cars to making luxury sedans, and now it plans to challenge the Audi A7 with a four-door fastback of its own.


Volkswagen predicts EV driving range will surpass 300 miles by 2020

One of the biggest criticisms of electric vehicles today is their range, as most EVs struggle to travel 150 miles on a single charge. Volkswagen is looking to change that, as the German automaker hopes to develop a 310-mile range battery by as early as 2020.


Toyota’s first hydrogen car delivery in America will be a contest giveaway

Toyota and the Environmental Media Association (EMA) have created a contest that will crown the first FCV owner in the U.S. By purchasing tickets that benefit EMA programs, California residents enter themselves for a chance to win the vehicle.


Rough, loud and sometimes scary, Alfa Romeo's 4C still draws stares like no other

The 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C is a tiny wedge of Italian carbon fiber built for one thing: driving. Buyers hoping for a more refined driving experience, like that of most European sports…

  • Pros: Exterior styling , Magnificent twin-clutch transmission…
  • Cons: No on-center steering feel , Tiny, poorly crafted interior

Tesla’s Model S P85D will rocket to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds, drive itself

Speculation about the mysterious Tesla "D" ended tonight with the unveiling of a thoroughly-revamped Model S electric car, boasting all-wheel drive and a semiautonomous "autopilot" system.


Life with Apple CarPlay is peppered with potholes, but still a fun ride

Apple’s CarPlay aims to make using your iPhone safer while you drive by taking its interface and placing it front and center on your dash. It’s a ton of fun to use … when it…

  • Pros: Much-improved Siri interaction , Siri reads you your text…
  • Cons: Spotifiy is non-functional , Small selection of third-party…

Elon Musk shoots down the idea of flying cars, citing gravity as main concern

Science fiction fans have obsessed over the concept of flying cars since the 1920s, and movies like Back to the Future have only exacerbated that fantasy. Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently criticized the idea, suggesting the danger of falling cars and a noisier…


2015 Acura TLX V6 SH-AWD review

The all-new Acura TLX may not be as exciting or adrenaline pumping as a BMW, but it is very good at what people actually use their cars for: commuting. Thanks to silky smooth…

  • Pros: Silky smooth V6 , Upscale interior , Grownup styling…
  • Cons: Frustrating infotainment system , Lifeless at "the edge"…

Parental drama aside, the all-new Renault Alpine continues ascent toward 2016 release

Renault and Caterham may have broken up, but the Alpine sports car lives on. Now under the full control of Renault, the Alpine is still under development and on track for a 2016 release.