Cool Tech

Remember the iBot? The stair-climbing wheelchair may make a comeback

Remember the iBot? No, it wasn't a posterior-based Apple gadget that failed to take off. It was actually a motorized wheelchair with several tricks up its sleeve. High costs ended production in 2009, but a recent deal means it…

Now you can tool around on a 3D printed electric motorbike

With a proprietary aluminum alloy, Airbus subsidiary APWorks created the first 3D printed electric motorbike, the 77 pound, 37-mile range Light Rider. APWorks focus is specialized metal parts, but it will create a limited run of 50 Light…

Mercedes-Benz hitting EV stride in 2020 with four models

Mercedes-Benz will have electric versions of four car lines by 2020, two sedans and two SUVs. Look for C class and S class EVs and electric GLAs and GLCs. The electric versions will have distinctive styling to differentiate from non-EVs.

By the numbers: Pew Research profiles ride-hailing customers

A Pew study of the digital economy shows that age, education, income, and geography all impact ride-hailing service usage. Younger adults located in urban areas are more likely to use the services.

Flightcar emerges from shake-up ready to provide better service

Airport car-sharing service FlightCar started well, but car owners and customers alike reported customer services issues. With new management, better training, and improved paperwork and apps, the company is rebooting with a new emphasis on…

Safety measure: A former chief of Secret Service just joined Uber advisory board

Former U.S. Secret Service director Mark Sullivan is the latest big name to join Uber's board, and the company hopes he'll use his decades of experience in protecting America's leaders to help keep Uber drivers and passengers safe.

A truck with a trunk? Honda's new Ridgeline is weird in all the right ways

Discarding conventional wisdom, the 2017 Honda Ridgeline has all the strengths of a traditional pickup truck coupled with a modern chassis and suspension.

Tesla sets aggressive goals for Model 3, suppliers not so sure

Based on huge Model 3 reservations and despite supplier doubts, Tesla has ramped up production plans and intends to start testing full runs in July 2017. The company has said if suppliers can deliver it will produce the components itself.

Influential group wants feds to hit the accelerator on driverless and electric cars

SAFE, a group of prominent leaders from industry and the military, wants Washington regulators to speed up the establishment of federal regulations, mandates, and incentives that encourage both autonomous vehicles and entry-level…

Cautionary tale: Cadillac's Volt-based ELR finally gets deep-sixed

Cadillac has announced that it has stopped building the ELR. Introduced in 2013, the company's first-ever plug-in hybrid was promising on paper, but it was a failure because it was far too expensive.

Chevy Bolt EVs testing Cruise Automation driverless tech on San Francisco streets

Within two months of GM's purchase of Cruise Automation driverless car firm, the independent division is testing driverless Chevy Bolt EVs in San Francisco. The all-electric 2017 Bolt EV has a 200-mile range and may be used by GM partner…

GM’s Maven ‘personal mobility brand’ expands to three new cities

General Motors' Maven "personal mobility brand" is adding car-sharing services in Chicago, Boston, and Washington, D.C. GM says users have already covered 1 million miles since the brand's launch.