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Watch a BMW Z4 GT3, Ford GT40, and Nissan GT-Rs take on the Hakone Mountain Hill Climb

Let’s face it: some people have a better commute to work than the rest of us. This is particularly true if you’re Ara Seiji taking your BMW Z4 GT3 to Hakone Mountain to do a hill climb with other race cars on Japan’s famously twisty Mazda Turnpike.

The gentleman racers at the Japan-based Motorhead magazine hosted a hill climb sponsored by Recaro, where they closed off eight kilometers (about five miles) of the public highway to challenge a variety of race cars against the course’s fast straights and sweeping bends.

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Kicking off the video is a run by the aforementioned BMW Z4 GT3, which is a modern, legit racing car that comes from BMW with a 4.4-liter V8 engine that can produce around 500 horsepower. It’s built to racing specifications, and would be the best way to tackle the climb with a degree of extreme precision.

The classic GT40, however, while still a fast endurance car that bested Ferrari at Le Mans in its heyday, doesn’t have any of the modern trappings to keep it pointed in the right direction. It’s a raw, heavy steel machine, and watching how this legendary car takes a hill climb is a particular treat.

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Okay, forget the best technical vehicle to attack the turnpike. If Japanese drivers are known for anything, it’s taking mountain roads sideways and making it look as easy as a run to the supermarket. This discipline of racing certainly wasn’t neglected as Kawabata Masato takes a Greddy-tuned Nissan GT-R downhill, carving a spectacular smokey swath the entire way.

A few other cars get into the mix as well, but watching the seven-minute video is the perfect way to shake off a bad Monday morning commute.