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Spyker announces plans for performance crossover to help reinvigorate luxury brand

Spyker D8 Paris-to-Peking  ConceptOn the heels of rolling out the B6 Venator in Geneva, Spyker has announced plans to introduce a performance-oriented crossover in 2016.

The new vehicle, which will be the company’s first stab at a production crossover, will reportedly borrow some styling cues from the D8 Paris-to-Peking concept presented at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show, according to Edmunds.

Hopefully it won’t pick up too much of the concept’s styling. Even for an exclusive brand like Spyker, the D8 concept (pictured) is a bit far out unless you fall into that niche segment that gravitates to the very, very unusual.

Spyker isn’t revealing a lot about the design strategy for the yet unnamed crossover other than it will be more discrete than the D8.   But the vehicle will likely be offered with a six and eight cylinder engine to compete with other high performance models in the segment.

News of the crossover is the latest sign of an aggressive effort to try to revive the once troubled Spyker and establish the brand as a unique option in the high-end luxury market, reminiscent of the brand’s heyday.

The handcrafted two-door B6 Venator, unveiled in Geneva, takes many of its styling cues from icons such as the Spyker 60HP racer.

The new crossover, which will reportedly be targeted at Europe and China, will likely feature some of that same DNA.

No word yet on plans for a U.S. model.