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Finding your Model S too confining? You can now give it a pricey cabriolet conversion

Newport Convertible Engineering, which has made a bit of a name for itself thanks to its decades-old passion for chopping off the tops of luxury cars, has followed through with its promise to produce a convertible Tesla Model S.

The California-based company has previously rendered how it would go about giving the four-door all electric sedan a cabrio conversion, but a new video by the company reveals that they’ve gone and actually done it.

Tesla Model S convertible conversion

This is the first step forward in NCE’s plans to give a multitude of Model S sedans a convertible makeover, as well as trimming a few down to convertible coupes, 600 of each, to be specific. If that seems unlikely, it’s really up to demand. Tesla’s not really a volume carmaker, and thus could not commit a requested 5,000 units exclusively to the engineering shop. Instead, NCE encourages clients to have a Model S on order shipped directly to an NCE location instead of their home.

Clients can have their own drop top Model S for a starting price of $110,000, which will rise to $140,00 if you prefer a hard Tonneau cover. Coupe conversion will only cost a mere $69,000.

Tesla Model S convertible conversion

From the looks of the Model S in the video, unless going for the full convertible coupe conversion, the car will maintain a rather unfortunate-looking pair of B-pillars and an accompanying strut. While it seems to be a lot of extra cash to dole out, NCE are filling a need for an open-topped EV that it hasn’t satisfied since it stopped producing its roadster. According to NCE, an anonymous Chinese investor has even already secured an order of 100 convertible coupes.

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If anyone’s got money to burn and are willing to sacrifice a rollover crush rating so high, it broke the NHTSA’s test machine, they can take their Model S to NCE’s locations in Huntington Beach, CA, Dubai, and Barcelona.